CrashPlan Backup Instructions

CrashPlan backup instructions for specific files

Many backup options exist that help you to make copies of your data in the event of a disaster, but not all of them are free, and not all of them allow you to specify the files that you want to back up. Following these CrashPlan backup instructions, … [Continue reading]

Update HP Laserjet Firmware

Update HP Laserjet firmware

Hewlett Packard (HP) sent out an email on Tuesday, February 28 that anyone with an affected printer should update HP Laserjet firmware as soon as possible. The issue that they describe does not affect every HP Laserjet, but anyone with a device that … [Continue reading]

Bar Code Images Created Online for Free

Bar code images creation at

Attaching bar code images to your physical items, whether that means adding bar code images to products at your business or adding bar code images to the books in your home library, provides an interesting way to bridge the disconnect between … [Continue reading]

Burn ISO ImgBurn – Burn an ISO file to a disc with ImgBurn

ImgBurn write ISO image file to disc

While the Windows 7 operating system has its' own utility for burning files to a disc, there is a free program called ImgBurn that features a very approachable user interface. Incorporated into this interface is a set of tools that allows you to … [Continue reading]

Complimentary PC Programs for your iPad

Your new iPad is a very functional device, capable of performing most of the tasks that you would otherwise be performing on your desktop or laptop PC. However, unless you are planning on switching over entirely to the iPad, you will need to install … [Continue reading]

Turn off iTunes Updates

Disable updates check

Apple's iTunes program is one of the best free multimedia programs that you can download and install to your computer. Because of its' importance in managing the video, music and other content that is stored on your iOS devices, such as iPhones and … [Continue reading]

Configuring Redirects in Firefox

Click Advanced, then set your desired redirect settings

The Firefox Web browser provides you with a lot of options to modify how you browse the Internet. Among those options is the ability to handle how redirects occur for websites that have changed the URL or Web pages that you have bookmarked, or that … [Continue reading]

Edit Images Online for Free

Befunky image editing site

There are a lot of different ways to edit an image or change the appearance of an image file on your computer, but almost all of them require you to use a program that is installed on your computer. So not only will you need to download and install a … [Continue reading]

Open XML Files with Excel in Windows 7

Change XML default program

Last updated: January 17, 2017 XML files can provide a variety of information to multiple programs, but a common use for them is storing data in a tabular format, similar to that of Microsoft Excel. In fact, if you have recently converted a PDF to … [Continue reading]

Convert PDF to Excel with Acrobat

Save PDF as "Tables for Excel"

PDF files are a popular form for sending data because the formatting will remain intact, regardless of which PDF-compatible program is used to open the file. However, the popularity of PDF forms has forced many people into the habit of sending files … [Continue reading]