iPad at Work for Dummies (Free eBook Valued at $16.99!)

Apple’s iPad helped to jumpstart the tablet market, and there are millions of households around the world that count an iPad among their devices. But the iPad is more than just a bigger smartphone that you can use to watch movies or listen to music. It’s also an incredibly effective tool that belongs in a number of different work environments. Hurry now to get your free copy of the eBook described below and see just how many benefits the iPad can provide to you and your business.


“iPad at Work for Dummies (Free eBook Valued at $16.99!)”

Get the most out of using your iPad at work.

iPad at Work For Dummies provides essential and in-depth coverage for a variety of productivity-related tasks made possible on the iPad, from basics such as setting up and starting out with an iPad to tips on the best practices for enterprise-level word processing, spreadsheet creation, presenting, task management, project management, graphic design, and communication. Beyond that, it also includes down-to-earth examples of how to use an iPad at work, including synchronization, data backup, and communicating with Windows networks.

  • Covers the best software and practices for productively integrating the iPad into a work environment
  • Shows you how the iPad goes beyond use as an at-home device to make work easier
  • Includes examples that bring the information and instructions to life

If you’re considering integrating the use of an iPad at work, or have recently begun and want to grasp the full spectrum of its capabilities in the workplace, iPad at Work For Dummies has you covered.


Click here to get your free copy of Ipad at Work for Dummies (a free eBook valued at $16.99)

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