HP Pavilion g6-2010nr 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) Review

The HP g6 2010nr from Amazon features a high-powered Intel i3 processor and 640 GB hard drive. These are components meant to appeal to students and homes that are looking for an everyday-use computer, without breaking the bank. The combination of the i3 processor and integrated Intel graphics mean that you will get good performance while you are performing common tasks like Web browsing and document creation, and the battery will last long enough for a flight from New York to Los Angeles.

These characteristics make it a superb choice for anyone that wants to be able to use their computer while they are travelling, as you will be able to perform almost any task while still having enough battery life to be away from a power outlet for hours.


Pros of the HP Pavilion g6-2010nr:

  • Low price
  • Almost 6 hours of battery life
  • Full numeric keypad
  • Intel i3 processor
  • 640 GB hard drive
  • Lightweight at 5.46 pounds
  • HP’s ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection (keeps your data safe if you drop the laptop)
  • CoolSense Technology (cools the laptop if it gets too hot)
  • HDMI port so you can connect to your HDTV
  • Webcam and microphone to easily video chat with services like Skype
  • Premium sound and display will make video and music come to life

Cons of the HP Pavilion g6-2010nr:

  • Graphics card may struggle to play games at maxed out settings
  • Can’t play Blu-Ray movies

The hard drive, processor, battery life and weight are the highlights of this machine. This computer is meant to be used by individuals that need a fully capable computer that they can take with them wherever they might need to go. You can use the built in WiFi to connect to different wireless networks, ensuring that you will never be away from your email and Facebook accounts.

This computer is well-suited for running popular productivity programs like Microsoft Office, and it can easily manage advanced graphics editing programs like Photoshop or GIMP. No matter what tasks you may want to perform with the HP Pavilion g6-2010nr, you are sure to be able to accomplish your goals.

View the HP Pavilion g6-2010nr product page at Amazon.com.

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