How to Create a List of Your iTunes Music Library

If you have ever needed to share a list of the songs in your iTunes library, whether you were planning an event, or were making a playlist of CD for someone, then you may have been looking for a simple way to generate that list. You can accomplish this goal by printing your library as a document, which can save you the hassle of a series of screenshots, or manually writing or typing a list.

But the option for printing a list of your iTunes library is not immediately obvious, so you can follow our guide below to see how to use the built-in printing functionality of iTunes on your Windows computer.


Print Your iTunes Library as a List in Windows 7

The steps in this article were performed using iTunes version, on a computer running Windows 7. However, this process is similar for many other iTunes versions in Windows.


  1. Launch iTunes, then click the Music button, and select the My Music option to display your iTunes library. If you would prefer instead to create a list of movies or TV shows, then select that option instead.
  2. navigate to your itunes music library



  3. Click the iTunes Menu button at the top-left corner of the window, then click the Show Menu Bar option. You can also display the Menu Bar by pressing Ctrl + B on your keyboard.
  4. show the menu bar in itunes



  5. Click File, then click Print. Note that you can shortcut to the Print menu by pressing Ctrl + P on your keyboard instead.
  6. open the itunes print menu



  7. Select either the CD jewel case insert, Songs, or Albums option in the top-section, then click the Theme drop-down menu to specify how you want your selection to be listed. You can click the OK button at the bottom of the window when you have finished.
  8. select the format for your itunes library list



  9. Change any of the options that you wish to adjust on this window, then click the OK button to print the list of songs.

print your itunes library list



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