How to Create a GIF With Photoshop CS5

While there is no limit to the amount and type of information that you can upload to to Internet or insert into documents, the file formats that you can use are somewhat limited. This can be troubling when you are working in Photoshop CS5 and you are creating PSD files. While this is a versatile file type, you cannot use it in most applications that are commonly used on the Internet, in offices or at home. After looking around at various Internet resources, you have probably come to the realization that creating a GIF in Photoshop CS5 might be the best choice for creating a file type that you can use almost universally for your assorted needs. Learn how to make a GIF using Photoshop CS5 by following the tutorial below.


How to Make a GIF Using Photoshop CS5


The beauty of using Photoshop CS5 for creating a GIF file is that you can take advantage of all of the tools and options that the program offers, while still creating the simple, single-layered GIF file that you can use wherever you need it. Begin the process of generating your GIF by launching Photoshop CS5, clicking File at the top of the window, then clicking New. Specify the size and resolution of your image. Once the parameters for the image have been selected, click the OK button to generate your blank canvas.

create a new image in photoshop cs5


Add the content that you want to include in the image. You can use all of the tools that you typically would when creating a Photoshop CS5 image. Once the image is completed, click the File button at the top of the window, then click Save for Web & Devices.

use the save for web and devices command to save as a gif in photoshop cs5


This will open a new window on top of the current Photoshop CS5 window. Click the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of the window, then click the GIF option. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window to continue.

how to create a gif in photoshop cs5


Select the location on your computer to which you would like to save the GIF file. Type a name for the file into the File Name field, then click the Save button to create your GIF file.

name your photoshop cs5 gif


You can also use the Save As command on the File menu to create a GIF file, but that can be a more complicated process that will actually force you to flatten the layers of your image, if you elected to use layers to create the image. The method described above for how to make a GIF on Photoshop CS5 will result in a GIF file that is optimized for the Internet and sharing, while leaving your original creation completely intact, should you desire to change it again in the future. While some advanced users may find something to gain by using the Save As path for GIF creation, most Photoshop CS5 users are better served by the Save for Web & Devices option.

Now that you have learned how to create a GIF with Photoshop CS5, you can consider some more advanced options. Read this article to learn about creating animated GIFs in Photoshop CS5.

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