How to Compress Pictures in Powerpoint 2010

Images are a great form of media to add to a Powerpoint presentation. They are simple to find or create, and they can easily be edited by a number of programs. However, most images are better when they are larger and in higher resolution, which causes image file sizes to increase. While this may not be an issue for a single image, it can be problematic when dealing with multiple high-resolution images in a Powerpoint slideshow. Fortunately you can learn how to compress pictures in Powerpoint 2010 to reduce the file size of a slideshow. This setting can be applied to every image in the slideshow at once, and it typically results in an undetectable loss in image quality.


Compressing Images in a Powerpoint Slideshow


While it is becoming increasingly easier to transfer large files, it is still important to reduce file sizes where possible. This is particularly true of large files that you might need to send through email. This is one great situation where learning how to compress picture in Powerpoint 2010 can come in very handy. Depending upon the number and original size of the images in your slideshow, you could see a very significant reduction in file size by using the image compression utility in Powerpoint 2010.


Step 1: Open your Powerpoint presentation.

Step 2: Click an image in your slideshow. It can be any image – we just need to be able to access the additional tab that is displayed at the top of the window when an image is selected.

Step 3: Click the Picture Tools – Format tab at the top of the window.

powerpoint 2010 picture tools format tab


Step 4: Click the Compress pictures button in the Adjust section of the ribbon at the top of the window.

click the compress pictures button


Step 5: Click the box to the left of Apply only to this picture to remove the check mark (note that this is only if you want to compress all of the pictures in the slideshow).

Step 6: Leave the check mark in the box to the left of Delete cropped areas of pictures if you are done using Powerpoint’s image editor.

Step 7: Choose your preferred resolution from the options under Target output, then click the OK button. Note that your document resolution is set at 220 ppi if you have not previously adjusted it, so you will probably not see a significant file size decrease if you choose either the 220 ppi or document resolution option.

how to compress pictures in powerpoint 2010


If you want to keep a copy of the original, uncompressed presentation, then be sure to choose the Save As command from the File tab and give a new name to this presentation.

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