Free eGuide: 5 Apple Mail Alternatives for Mac OS X

Effectively managing your email is important for almost any computer user.

Whether you like to check your email from a Web browser, or if you prefer to use a dedicated email application, you will be able to find a solution regardless of whether you are using a Mac or Windows PC.

If you are a Mac user, then you may have tried to use the default Mail app that is included with the Mac OS operating system.

But if that application was missing some features that you need, or you would simply like to try out a couple of other options, then there are other programs that you can test out to see if they improve your experience.

The operating system on your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air is called OS X. Part of that operating system is a program called Mail, and it is the application that starts when you click the postage stamp icon in the dock.

Mail is a great program for many Mac users, but your specific email needs might leave you looking for something a little different. If so, then check out this eGuide from that identifies 5 alternative applications that you can use which might suit your Mac email needs a little better.


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5 Apple Mail Alternatives for Mac OS X

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Every Mac comes with a free email application, appropriately named Mail. Using the native Mail application is fine for most people, especially for those who only use iCloud, but things get trickier when you’re dealing with multiple email accounts.
For Gmail users in particular, more thorough solutions are available, many of which are free.
Here’s a look at five Mail alternatives and why they might work for you.

Download the guide here to read about these Mac Mail alternatives.

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