Free Download: The Complete Guide to Simplifying and Securing Your Life with LastPass and Xmarks

I have a lot of passwords that I use to access important accounts, and keeping track of all of those passwords can be pretty difficult, if not impossible. Due to the difficulty of remembering multiple passwords, many people will simply start using the same one over and over. But this can be a problem if one of your accounts gets hacked, as every other account where you use the same email address/password combination could be at risk.

One good way to mitigate that risk is with the help of a password manager like LastPass. This is a browser extension that stores all of your username and password combinations, then applies them automatically when you go to visit a site. It allows you to have powerful, unique passwords, which can really help to improve your security.

You can learn more about using Lastpass, in combination with another program called Xmarks, by reading this free guide from MakeUseOf –




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“The Complete Guide to Simplifying and Securing Your Life with LastPass and Xmarks”

If you’re like most people, the keys to your entire life are stored online. Your bank accounts, health records, work files, tax returns, vehicle registration information, and just about every other important document is stored somewhere in the cloud. While this means that you can easily access all of your important information wherever you are, it also means that you have a lot of passwords. And keeping track of all of those passwords is really hard. That’s why LastPass was created. This guide will take you through the basics and some of the more advanced features of LastPass, from storing your passwords to checking the level of your online security. It will also explain Xmarks, a bookmarking and open-tab-syncing service formerly known as Foxmarks. Between these two apps, you’ll be able to access all of your important information online, securely, no matter where you are!

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