How to Download a Picture to Your iPhone 5

It can sometimes be difficult to think of it as such, but the iPhone shares a lot of similarities with a computer. One of these similarities is the ability to save files to the hard drive on the phone. However, unlike a laptop or a desktop computer, it might not initially be something that is very obvious to do. Fortunately it is possible to download a picture to the iPhone that you see on a Web page, and you can then share that picture through email or the Messages app in the same way that you would share a picture that you took with your iPhone camera.


Saving a Picture to Your iPhone from a Web Page

Note that we will be using the Safari browser to locate and download a picture to your iPhone. You can often perform this task in other apps in a similar way, but just note that these instructions are specifically for Safari. You also have the option of taking a screenshot on your iPhone by simultaneously pressing the Home button at the bottom of your phone and the Power button at the top of the device.


Step 1: Open the Safari Web browser.

open the safari browser



Step 2: Browse to the Web page containing the picture that you want to download, then position the picture so that it is visible on your screen.

locate the picture that you want to download



Step 3: Touch and hold your finger on the picture that you want to download to your iPhone.


Step 4: Touch the Save Image button at the bottom of the screen.

how to download a picture to the iphone



You can then locate the picture by opening the Photos app and selecting the Camera Roll.


You can learn how to crop pictures on the iPhone 5 if there are parts of an image that you don’t need. This can be done without downloading any additional apps or using an image editing program on your computer. newsletter

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