How to Save a Picture Message to Dropbox on the iPhone 5

Since cameras on phones are becoming better and better, people are starting to use them more often and, in some cases, as their primary camera. One of the best things about using a phone camera is the ease with which you can share any images that you take. The simplest way to do this is […]

Create a Website Icon on an iPhone 5 Home Screen

As you start using your iPhone 5, you will begin to realize how easy it is to browse to and view your favorite websites. The added convenience of 4G speeds, combined with the increase in screen size and overall device speed, makes it very simple to view most websites. But if you frequently visit the […]

How to Only Use Facetime on WiFi With Your iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 has a lot of cool features and apps that allow you to stay connected in just about any way imaginable. Among these options, however, are some features that exist solely for communication between people with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, etc.). One such feature is Facetime, which allows you to use a […]

How to Refresh a Page on the Chrome iPhone App

While the mobile Safari app that comes installed on your iPhone is a very good browser, you might find that you prefer to use a different option. One alternative is the Google Chrome browser app. It loads very quickly, and is easy to use if you are familiar with Google Chrome. But perhaps one of […]

How to Change the Maps Navigation Volume on the iPhone 5

While there have been a lot of well-publicized problems with the Maps application on the iPhone 5 (when running iOS 6), it can still function well in a lot of situations. If you happen to be in a place where the app is working properly, then you have probably used the turn by turn voice […]

How to Use Private Browsing on the iPhone 5

Privacy is a big concern when you are using mobile devices, particularly if you share that device with another person, or someone else is constantly using your phone. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting to keep the websites that you visit a secret, the ability to use private browsing is something that many people will […]

How to Create App Folders on the iPhone 5

iPhone apps are great. They provide convenient, quick ways to access applications, websites and services that you use a lot. But, because of their usefulness, you may find that you have too many on your phone. However, you don’t want to eliminate any apps because you still use them, so you want to be able […]

How to Turn Off the iPhone 5 Lock and Unlock Sound

By default, your iPhone 5 can make a lot of noise. Most of these noises are meant to give you an audio indication that some sort of event or action has occurred but, as you become comfortable using the phone and know what actions will cause certain results, those sounds might be unnecessary. Fortunately your […]

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 camera is a very capable camera and, because of how well it integrates with the apps that you have installed on your device, you may find yourself using it a lot. But sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where you need the camera to be silent, and the shutter sound […]

How to Lower Screen Brightness on the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has a relatively long battery life but, if you are constantly playing games, listening to music or pairing Bluetooth devices, then that battery life can get shorter and shorter. Since many people are unwilling to alter the way they use their devices, one simple choice is to look for other options that […]