How to Show More Emails in the Mail App on Your iPad

If you are a heavy email user, then you know how quickly messages can accumulate in your inbox. Some people are really good at managing their inboxes and are able to minimize the number of messages that are stored within them, but there are those of use that just allow emails to accumulate there. Whether […]

Always Show Your Bookmarks Bar in Safari on the iPad

If you have been using an iPad, then you know that it is more than just a bigger phone. The apps and size of the device make it very easy to perform many of the tasks for which you would otherwise need a laptop, so it is likely that you will start to use it […]

Set an Instagram Picture as Your iPhone 5 Wallpaper

Instagram is a pretty fun app to play with, especially when you consider the impressive quality of images that the iPhone 5 is capable of producing. And while it’s entertaining to be able to post those images to your account and share them with your friends, sometimes an image that you have edited with Instagram […]

How to Turn On Data Roaming on the iPhone 5

Cell phones and other mobile devices are becoming a large part of daily life for more and more people, which means that the average budget now needs to find a way to include a cellular or mobile phone expense. One of the nice things about most current plans is that they are a predictable amount […]

Turn Off All Cellular Data on Your iPhone 5

Last updated: January 18, 2017 It can be helpful to know how to turn off data on the iPhone 5 if you are nearing your monthly data cap, and you want to make sure that you stay under it so that you don’t get charged. And while it can be easy to deliberately avoid using […]

Only Watch Netflix on the iPhone 5 When Connected to WiFi

The current state of cellular plans and mobile devices like the iPhone 5 has created an unfortunate problem. People now have the ability to consume large amounts of media on their portable devices, but most cell phone data plans have some relatively low data caps. So while you may want to stream a movie from […]

How to Enable the LED Flash for Alerts on the iPhone 5

Last updated: March 23, 2017 If you have ever seen someone’s iPhone blink because they received a text message, and you thought it would useful, then you are probably trying to figure out how to enable the LED flash for alerts on your iPhone. This is a setting that will cause the camera flash to […]

How to Change Siri’s Voice on the iPhone 5

Last updated: March 23, 2017 Learning how to change the Siri voice on an iPhone is something that you might be interested in doing if you use Siri a lot and have tired of hearing the default voice, or if you would simply prefer to switch the gender or accent. Fortunately this is something that […]

How to Transfer Pictures Between iPhone and iPad Using iCloud

One of the best reasons to use only Apple products is the simple integration that you gain access to because of their integrated environment. Whether it involves the ability to access all of your purchases made in iTunes across all of your devices, or easily backing up all of your data through iTunes, Apple has […]

How to Show the Character Count in Text Messages on the iPhone 5

Text messaging is a great way to have a quick conversation with someone when you cannot or prefer not to talk on the phone. Text messages consist of up to 160 characters, and can be sent to another person that has a mobile phone capable of receiving a text message. While many cellular providers and […]