5 Streaming Video Apps for the iPhone 5

It can be difficult to get away from the mindset that the iPhone 5 is not just a phone, but a very capable media device. You may have a lot of music stored on it, or you might have downloaded a few games, but it has many of the same capabilities as a full-size computer. […]

Individual Notification Settings for iPhone 5 Mail Accounts

It is not uncommon for one person to have multiple email addresses, especially considering how easy it is to sign up for a free email account at someplace like Gmail or Outlook.com. Whether you use these different accounts for specific reasons is entirely at your discretion, but it is pretty normal to have one account […]

Turn On Closed Captioning on the iPhone 5

  The very nature of a mobile device like the iPhone 5 means that you can use it anywhere. This makes it a good choice as a media device, which allows you to watch videos while you are traveling, away from home, or simply killing time. But if you are hearing impaired, or you are […]

Some Awesome Sci-Fi iPhone Cases for the iPhone 5

I spend a lot of time messing with the settings and apps on my iPhone 5, so you could say that the majority of my experience is more internally-focused with the device. But protecting the iPhone 5 is just as important for several reasons. First, phones take a lot of abuse. Whether it’s in your […]

Insert a Picture in an Email on the iPhone 5

We have previously discussed different ways to customize the behavior of the Mail app on your iPhone 5, such as how to set the default email account, but there are some other helpful things you can learn that more directly affect your iPhone 5 usage. One such piece of information is how to insert an […]

Configure Automatic App Downloads on the iPhone 5

Your Apple ID is an important piece of information that you can use to sign into and link your various Apple devices. While this is beneficial for easily syncing iCloud, Notes, Reminders and Calendars, it also allows you to sync the purchase of Music, Apps and Books across multiple devices. But this is not something […]

Show Text Message Previews on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 uses a system of notifications that let you know when you have received new information, or that you have an upcoming appointment. You can configure the assorted message notification apps on your phone to display these as either banners or alerts. Banners are displayed at the top of your screen, while alerts […]

How to Tag Photos With Location on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 has the ability to track your location (which can affect battery life), and to share that information with the various apps that you use on the device. Two of the apps that can take advantage of this feature are your Camera and Photos apps. If you open your Photos app, you will […]

How to Free Up Space on the iPhone 5

There are a lot of reasons to like the iPhone 5, but the amount of storage space that it includes is not one of them. The iPhone 5 comes in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models but, considering that many apps and videos can easily reach 1 GB in size, this space will […]

How to Record and Email a Voice Memo from the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 has some helpful utilities installed, by default, that you may not have noticed or thought you had a use for. We have previously discussed the timer utility that is found in the Clock app, but there is also a Voice Memos app that can be pretty useful. It is especially helpful if […]