remove chrome most visited sites

Remove Chrome Most Visited

The Google Chrome Web browser is becoming a very popular alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, due mainly to its excellent performance and its seamless integration with your Google Account. However, the methods for performing common tasks in Chrome vs. performing those same tasks in Internet Explorer can seem a little foreign the first time you… Continue Reading Remove Chrome Most Visited

export contacts from hotmail to outlook 2010

How to Import Contacts from Hotmail to Outlook 2010

If you have previously been using Microsoft’s Web-based Hotmail program to manage your email, you may have discovered that the Hotmail interface is lacking in some certain areas. If you have ever seen Microsoft Outlook 2010 in action, then you know that it has a considerably larger amount of features when compared to the Web-based… Continue Reading How to Import Contacts from Hotmail to Outlook 2010

change firefox download settings

How to Choose Where My Downloads Go in Mozilla Firefox

While the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser that is included by default on your Windows 7 computer is a capable solution, many individuals have found that they prefer to use a third-party browser. Whether this is at the recommendation of a friend or simply because another browser just feels better, there is no harm in… Continue Reading How to Choose Where My Downloads Go in Mozilla Firefox

use the send from gmail extension to set gmail as default

Set Gmail as Default in Chrome

Once you make the switch to Gmail for your primary email account, you will eventually realize how effective an email program it is. Additionally, if you are also using Google Chrome as your default Web browser, they you might want to set Gmail as the default mail application in Google Chrome. You may decide to… Continue Reading Set Gmail as Default in Chrome

find your google chrome version number

How to Check Your Chrome Version

Many applications that you use every day will need to update periodically. These updates often add new features and fix issues or security problems that have been discovered. But this can make it difficult to remember which version of the application is currently installed on your computer, especially for something like Google Chrome, which receives… Continue Reading How to Check Your Chrome Version

run Google Chrome PageSpeed

How to Find Google Chrome PageSpeed

Google Chrome has a PageSpeed extension that can help you to figure our if your web page is loading quickly enough. But if you can’t find the extension or you’re having trouble installing it, you can check out our tutorial below for some additional information. How to Enable the Google PageSpeed Extension Our guide continues… Continue Reading How to Find Google Chrome PageSpeed

Gmail backup

Gmail Backup

Worrying about a Gmail backup probably isn’t high on your list of priorities. Google is incredibly skilled at protecting and managing data, and the email messages stored in your Gmail Inbox are already stored in the cloud. This means they aren’t subject to the same risks as data that is stored locally on your computer,… Continue Reading Gmail Backup

Problems linking Adsense and Analytics - solution

Problems Linking AdSense to Analytics

If you have had problems linking AdSense to Analytics for the accounts that you have created under your Google Account, then you may have hit the same roadblock that I did when I was trying to link my one AdSense account to my one Analytics account that contained multiple properties. This was particularly troubling as… Continue Reading Problems Linking AdSense to Analytics