How to Find Files Downloaded from Google Chrome

If you do not download files in Google Chrome with regularity, and you are used to downloading files in a different Web browser, then you might have trouble locating a downloaded file if you do not open ┬áit right away. Google Chrome displays in-progress and completed downloads in a horizontal pop-up window at the bottom […]

How to Stop Firefox from Asking to Remember Passwords

Mozilla Firefox, and most of the other popular Web browsers, are very focused on making their browser as easy to use as possible. This involves speeding up page load times, providing you with an assortment of options to customize your usage experience, and remembering information about sites that you visit a lot. If you visit […]

How to Open Multiple Pages on Startup in Google Chrome

Most people will eventually change the home page of their preferred browser once they grow tired of constantly navigating away from the default page enough times. It is more convenient, and it prevents you from needlessly wasting time when the browser opens. But maybe there are several pages that you always check each time you […]

How to Open the Download Window In Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 has changed the way that file downloads are handled in the Internet Explorer Web browser. Downloaded files previously opened in a pop-up window where you could choose to run or save a file, with few other options for managing, viewing or accessing downloaded files directly from the browser. However, Internet Explorer 9 […]

How to Display the Menu Bar in Internet Explorer 9

Most people that have been using computers for a few years are very familiar with Internet Explorer. Almost to the point where the term “Web browser” has become synonymous with Internet Explorer, despite the fact that there are a number of other excellent browser choices. if you are someone that has grown up with Internet […]

Privacy Browsing on Google Chrome

Every good, modern Web browser offers an astonishing number of options that you can selectively choose to enable. Many of these options focus on the display and performance aspect of the browser, but other options concern the content that is remembered and stored by your browser. Some of these options include the creation of bookmarks, […]

How to Automatically Forward Emails in Gmail

Google’s Gmail service is something that I use constantly, and with which I am exceedingly happy. I have used and tested many different email providers, but this is the one I prefer. Your choice of email providers is certainly up to you, and no one can fault you for using the email provider that you […]

How to Edit Your Signature in Hotmail

Hotmail recently changed their layout, so this article is now outdated. You can read this article to learn how to create or edit a signature in the new version of Hotmail.   Have you ever wondered what the information is that is displayed at the bottom of the email messages that you receive from friends, […]

How Do You Block an Email Address in Yahoo Mail

There are many situations that you might find yourself in where you are receiving email messages from an unwanted sender. In most circumstances, marking mail from this person as spam is an effective way to prevent their unwanted messages from flooding your Inbox. However, in rare occasions, that solution may not be effective. For the […]

Copy a Row From One Sheet to Another in Google Docs

Data that you store in a spreadsheet on Google Docs can have value to you in other places than just that spreadsheet. Maybe you have a multi-sheet spreadsheet that requires the addition of that data, or maybe you are working on an entirely separate spreadsheet where that information might prove valuable. Regardless of the situation, […]