How to Watch Yahoo Screen on an Apple TV

Yahoo Screen is a streaming video service from Yahoo and, with the announcement that they will be airing season 5 of Community, is primed to start airing original content. This means that learning how to watch Yahoo Screen on the Apple TV will soon become an important thing to know. Fortunately Yahoo Screen is one […]

How to Listen to Spotify on the Apple TV

Spotify is an amazing music service that is growing in popularity, and can be used on a number of different devices. But if you want to listen to Spotify through your Apple TV so that you can use your home entertainment system, then you might be having trouble. Fortunately you can use Spotify over AirPlay, […]

How to Restore the Apple TV to Factory Settings

The Apple TV can quickly become a focal piece of your home entertainment, so it is frustrating if something on it is not working properly. But if you have tried every troubleshooting guide that you could find and are still experiencing issues, then the best solution may be to simply restore the Apple TV to […]

How to Use Voice Search on the Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s entry into the streaming device market, and it offers a level of performance that no other similar device can match. But one of the features that has been heavily marketed is the voice search feature, which can make it much simpler to locate content that you want, as you […]

Google Chromecast vs. Roku 3500R Streaming Stick

The Google Chromecast and the Roku Streaming Stick (3500R) are two products whose many similarities will force people to decide between them. Both are very good products, yet ultimately produce different results that will be appealing to different types of audiences. Having used both of these products, I can say that they both perform well, […]

Roku 3500R Streaming Stick Review

Figuring out the best way to watch streaming video content on your TV seems to get more and more difficult each year. There are tons of different options, most of them do very similar things, and they all are all affordable. So if you like the form factor of the Google Chromecast, but are looking […]

How to Connect to a Wireless Network with the Apple TV

When you initially set up your Apple TV, part of the setup process involved connecting to a wireless network. But if you get a new router, or if you want to use the Apple TV somewhere else, then you will need to be able to connect it to a different network. The menus on the […]

Roku 1 vs. Google Chromecast

There are several options available when you are looking for an easy way to watch videos from services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go on your TV. Several of them, such as a video game console, Blu-Ray player, Smart TV or a computer with HDMI port, might already be in your home. But if […]

How to Delete Files on a Flash Drive

Flash drives are a simple solution for transferring or sharing large files between multiple computers. But few people will immediately delete files from their flash drives once they are done with those files, which eventually means that you will run out of space. This can be a problem with smaller capacity flash drives that can […]

How to Restart the Apple TV

Most electronics cannot go forever without needing to be restarted. Processes get stuck, updates don’t install correctly, and sometimes they just need to be refreshed. Set-top streaming boxes like the Apple TV do an impressive job of managing their on-time, and can get by for a while by simply going to sleep when not in […]