Pros and Cons of the Roku 3

In our review of the Roku 3 we concluded that the Roku 3 was among the best available set-top boxes on the market. It’s a fast, affordable device that is easy to use. But if you are still undecided about purchasing one, then it can help to see a list of the pros and cons … Read more

apple tv interface

5 Reasons to Get an Apple TV

Apple is well-known as a manufacturer of quality products, but these products are also well known for being somewhat expensive. Therefore it is a little perplexing to find a product like the Apple TV that can be commonly found for less than $100. But this affordability also generates the question of whether that indicates a … Read more

Toggle the AirPlay option on or off

How to Enable or Disable AirPlay on the Apple TV

One of the best things about buying Apple products is how seamlessly they work with one another. Whether that means handing off content from one device to another or being able to access purchased content across phones, tablets, or computers, you can usually accomplish what you want to. Our tutorial below will show you how … Read more

how does the nike gps watch work

How Does the Nike GPS Watch Work

When I first started running, all I was concerned about was losing weight and not hurting myself. However, as I ran more and more, my focus started to shift. Suddenly I was looking for ways to extend my distance, increase my speed and improve my stride so that I could run faster and further while … Read more

How to Cancel Comcast

If you have Comcast as a cable service provider, then you may eventually decide to switch to a different provider. Whether this is due to an increase in the price of your bill or a great offer from a competing company, the prospect of a different cable provider can be very alluring. However, the actuality … Read more