ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 13.3-Inch Ultrabook Review

There are many features that affect the performance and usability of a laptop, but perhaps none is more important than the processor. Intel’s recent generation of processors are among the fastest around, and the i5 and i7 are top of the line. When you combine one of these processors with a solid state drive (SSD), you wind up with a blazing fast laptop that will boot up in a very short amount of time. Plus, once the computer is actually running, all of your programs will start faster and run better. This is why people get so excited about computers with an SSD, despite the fact that they have less storage capacity than a regular hard disk drive (HDD). The ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 not only gives you the option to choose between the Intel 15 and i7 processors, it also features a SSD.

When you combine these two features in a laptop, you might expect the laptop to suffer with heavy weight or a reduced battery life. That is not the case with this ultrabook, as it still weighs in at under three pounds, is less than one inch thick and gets a real-world battery life of 5 hours. This is a true competitor to the MacBook Air, except that it will cost you less money.


ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 review

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The Zenbook has an aluminum unibody design, and feels just as sturdy as a MacBook. Because of its’ small profile, it does not include some of the larger ports that you would see on a regular sized laptop, but it does have a Micro HDMI to VGA adapter and USB to ethernet adapter that will allow you to use the wires and cables necessary to hook up your laptop.

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But this laptop is more than just portability, performance and build quality. The screen is a top-of-the-line 1920×1080 matte IPS panel, which makes for an amazing viewing experience. It also has a backlit keyboard to allow for a better typing experience in low lighting.

The ports include 2 USB 3.0 options, a mini VGA port, a micro HDMI port and an audio jack port. Unfortunately this small number of ports is an unavoidable consequence when you are dealing with ultrabooks, so it should be something you are aware of when you are looking for machines in this product category.

Because of the portability of the UX31A-DB51, you are sure to be traveling with it constantly. This is why it is important to know that it comes with a one year accidental damage warranty that protects you in the event of an accidental spill, drop, power surge or fire damage.

In conclusion, this is just a beautiful computer that has anything you could ask for out of a Windows ultrabook. It is a worthy competitor to the MacBook at a lower price, and will handle all of the everyday tasks that you want it to perform. If you have been researching high-end ultrabooks for a while and are considering this one, you will not be sorry if you end up purchasing this awesome Asus. newsletter

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