Affordable, But Important, Computer Accessories for Back to School

Assuming that you already have a laptop computer for when you head back to school (if not, Amazon has a great selection of options under $400), there are still a few items you should think about picking up. Whether these electronic-related items are meant to store, organize or transport your information, they are sure to come in handy at some point. So read below to find out about some things that you might need.


Laptop Storage/Transport

If you decide to purchase a laptop computer instead of a desktop, then you probably made that choice because you are going to need to use that computer in a lot of places. Whether that means the library, class or a lab, portability is a hugely important part of owning a laptop computer. But it’s also an expensive, fragile machine that needs to be protected while you carry it around. Laptop cases, such as the one below, are a great choice for 15 inch laptops.

I like cases like this because they aren’t too bulky, they are stylish, and they are affordable. It also has a lot of pockets and room for your laptop’s power adapter. Click here to learn more about the Case Logic DLC-115.


If you don’t like shoulder bags, though, you might prefer a laptop backpack instead. The Swiss gear one below will fit most 15 inch laptops, and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

It also has the added bonus of additional sections and pockets, so it can fit a lot of your other accessories as well. Plus the bag features an attractive unisex design that will appeal to both guys and girls, making it a good backpack, too, even if you don’t need it to carry your laptop.


Data Storage and Transportation

You are going to be working on projects for your classes in a lot of different locations, so it’s important that you are able to move large files around between different computers and locations. And while cloud storage services like Dropbox have made it easier than ever to share large files, some teachers may not know how to use it effectively. Email is often out of the question as well, due to file attachment size limitations.

This means that you are going to need a physical option for transporting your files, such as a USB flash drive or a portable external hard drive. Luckily the prices on these items have come down a lot over the past year or so, and you can typically pick them up for a lot less than you think. Here is a 32 GB USB flash drive that has some great reviews and a low price. If you also have a lot of video and music files that you need to move around, however, then a 32 GB flash drive may not be sufficient. In that case, a portable external hard drive is a better choice. This 1 TB option is one that I have been using for a while without any problems, and it will provide enough space for even very large file collections.


Cheap Entertainment


While you will be very busy during your semester back at school, it’s important to leave some leisure time on the weekends so that you don’t get burned out before your finals. But money is tight while you are at school, and frequent trips to the movies, mall and other entertainment venues might be out of the question. This is going to mean that you will be spending a lot of time at home and, if your school doesn’t offer cable, or you can’t afford it, then your selection might be slim.

The Roku LT is a perfect solution in this situation, especially if you (or your parents) already have a Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus or HBO Go subscription. Just connect the Roku LT to a wireless network, follow the setup instructions, and you will have access to a host of different online video streaming sources. This affordable little box is a great option for people looking for entertainment on a budget, and is a great savings option over expensive monthly cable bills.

Click here to learn more about the Roku LT.


Hopefully these few items will help you remember to pick up some helpful products that might cost a lot more at a college bookstore or retail store. Amazon also has a huge back-to-school section featuring hundreds of other products that are on sale, in case you think there might be other things that you are forgetting. Some of their selection includes home accessories like shower curtains and utensils, which are really easy to forget when you are moving into a dorm or a new apartment.

Check out Amazon’s full selection of back-to-school supplies.

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