How to Delete a Text Box in Publisher 2013

Is there a text box in your Publisher file that is causing problems? Whether it’s an issue because there is text that you can’t remove, or because other objects keep auto-fitting around the text box, making it difficult to complete your job, an unwanted Publisher text box can be problematic. Additionally, there is no clear […]

How to Add a New Text Box in Publisher 2013

Microsoft Publisher is a little different than the rest of the Microsoft Office applications with which you may already be familiar. Publisher provides you with a blank canvas upon which you add different objects to complete your project. One of the objects you can add is a text box, which becomes necessary when you have […]

How to Crop a Picture in Publisher 2013

Microsoft Publisher is a popular choice when you need to create documents like flyers or brochures that will be printed and distributed. It is often a better option than Microsoft Word, as it is much easier to position and move document objects in Publisher than it is to do so in Word. One of the […]

How to Convert PUB to PDF in Microsoft Publisher 2013

Learning how to convert .pub to .pdf is important if you often have files created in Microsoft Publisher that you need to share with other people that do not have the program, and are unable to open that file type. While you can use online conversion tools like Zamzar to do the conversion for you, […]

How to Convert to PDF in Publisher 2013

Microsoft Publisher is helpful when you need to create a document and the tools and layout in Microsoft Word are not ideally suited for your needs. Files created in Publisher 2013 carry the .pub file type, and can be opened by other users that have access to the Publisher application. But not everyone uses Publisher, […]

How to Change the Number of Recent Documents in Publisher 2013

When you open Microsoft Publisher 2013, there is a list of your recent publications at the left side of the window. Additionally, any time you enter the Backstage area and click the Open menu, your recent documents are shown there as well. If you use either of these locations to open your documents, then you […]

How to Remove Hyphens from a Text Box in Publisher 2013

There are some similarities between Publisher and Word, and people that do not often use Publisher may incorrectly assume that is is simply another text editing program. But Microsoft Publisher is a great program for creating newsletters, flyers and other types of documents that are difficult to properly configure in Microsoft Word. One problem that […]