How to Share a Song In a Text Message Through the Spotify iPhone App

Are you listening to a song in your iPhone’s Spotify app that you know a friend or family member would love to hear? You could always describe the song, or provide them with the name of it, but there is another way that you can share a song with someone through a text message. The […]

How to Turn Off Text Message Notifications on the Apple Watch

The ability to view text message notifications on your Apple Watch without needing to unlock your iPhone is one of the more convenient uses of the watch. You can even send quick replies through the Messages app on the watch. This functionality makes the Messages app and Watch interaction one of my favorite elements of […]

How to Turn Off Dial Assist on an iPhone 7

The Dial Assist feature on your iPhone attempts to automatically add the international or local prefix when you are making a call that requires it. While this can be helpful in certain situations, you may discover that your own international phone usage might dictate another approach. For example, if you regularly travel internationally and have […]

How to Turn Off Handoff on an iPhone 7

There’s an interesting feature associated with your iCloud account that allows you to start working on something with one of your iCloud devices, then continue with it on another device. So if you start editing a document on your iPhone in Pages, you can use Handoff to continue working on it with your MacBook. However, […]

How to Allow iBooks to Access Online Content on an iPhone 7

Have you ever been reading an ebook in the iBooks app on your iPhone and it linked to something else online? If you were unable to access that, or the book couldn’t download the information that it needed, then you may not have the Online Content option turned on for iBooks. Fortunately you can find […]

How to Turn Off Apps on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone is a little different from your computer for the fact that your computer can simultaneously have multiple apps open and running at the same time so that you can easily switch between them. The iPhone can also have more than one app open at a time, at least for a few moments, but […]

How to Install a Google App Through the Chrome Browser on an iPhone

The Chrome Web browser app that you have installed on your iPhone is just one of many Google apps that are available in iOS. You can search for many of these apps in the iPhone’s App Store, but that would require you to know what those apps are called. Fortunately it is possible for you […]

How to Save the Camera Mode on the iPhone 7

If you use the camera on your iPhone to take a variety of pictures and record videos, then you are likely accustomed to choosing the camera mode each time you open the app. The iPhone camera will revert to the Photo option each time the app is closed. But if you use it for a […]

How to Enable Cellular Data Usage for iTunes Videos on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone will typically prioritize a Wi-Fi network over a cellular network when both of those options are in range. This has the benefit of reducing the amount of cellular data that you use, plus a Wi-Fi connection is usually faster. But sometimes the iPhone can go a little too far in terms of limiting […]

How to Delete Recently Played Songs or Playlists from the iPhone Spotify App

The Spotify app on your iPhone has a section where it lists the songs, albums, or playlists to which you have recently listened. This is very convenient if you found a song that you liked and want to be able to listen to it again, or add it to an existing playlist. But you will […]