How to Show More Browsing Options in the Music Library on an iPhone 7

The Music app on your iPhone has a Library tab where you can browse all of the songs that you have on your iPhone. You are probably accustomed to looking for songs here using the Playlists, Artists, or Songs option, but there are some additionally ways that you can search for the music that is […]

How to Turn Off Email Sounds in iOS 10

Your iPhone 7 can play sounds when you receive new emails and when you send emails. This is helpful when you know that every email you receive is important, or when you aren’t certain that you have sent an email message. But if neither of those conditions applies to you, then you might actually prefer […]

How to Delete a Playlist from the Spotify App on an iPhone 7

Spotify is a very popular music streaming service. You can use it for free but, if you sign up for a premium subscription, you gain access to additional features, plus you remove the ads. One feature that is present on any Spotify subscription, however, is the ability to create playlists. This is a helpful tool […]

How to Avoid Tolls and Highways in the iPhone Maps App

The default Maps app on your iPhone is able to show you geographic locations, as well as provide you with traveling directions to those locations. You can even specify the method of transportation that you will be using, and the app will adjust appropriately. If you elect to use driving navigation in the iPhone maps […]

How to Stop Maps Navigation on the Apple Watch

Your Apple watch integrates with many of the default iPhone apps, including the Maps app. One of the ways that this occurs is by showing directions on the watch face while the Maps app is open on your phone. This can be a convenient way to travel, particularly if you are using the Maps app […]

How to Turn Off the “Time to Leave” iPhone Calendar Alert Setting

Your iPhone has an interesting integration that occurs between the device’s Location Services and your Calendar. It can look at an event on the calendar that has a geographical location attached to it, consider the current traffic conditions, then adjust the alert time to let you know when you need to leave to arrive at […]

6 Ways to Delete Contacts from an iPhone 7

The contacts on your iPhone can get there in a number of different ways. You can add them manually through the Contacts app, you can add new ones from recent calls or text messages, or you can import them from a number of different types of accounts that you can sync to your device. But […]

How to Email a Picture on an iPhone 7

When you are running out of storage space on your iPhone and reading a guide on how to regain some of that space, one of the best ways to clear some room is by deleting your pictures. While these pictures can be backed up by uploading them┬áto a service like Dropbox, you might decide to […]

How to Make Text Bigger and Easier to Read on the iPhone 7

The text on your iPhone 7 screen has a default size. This is meant to provide the best possible combination of readability and screen space utilization. Unfortunately you may find that the text on your iPhone menus, text messages, emails, and Web pages is too small, which could be straining your eyes, or making it […]

Can I Turn Off FaceTime on My iPhone 7?

The FaceTime feature on your iPhone lets you make video and audio calls with your other contacts that have an Apple device. Video calling can be incredibly useful in many situations, and the ability to see live video of someone while you talk to them is pretty awesome. But you might not use the FaceTime […]