How to Turn Night Shift Mode On or Off for an iPhone 7

The screen display on your iPhone 7 is primarily composed of blue-based colors. This color scheme makes it a little easier to view and read items on the screen, but has the unfortunately side effect of making it a little more difficult for you to sleep at night. The Night Shift Mode on your iPhone […]

How to Reduce Screen Brightness on an iPhone 7

The iOS 10.3.1 update includes a feature on the Battery menu called “Battery Life Suggestions.” This area identifies current settings on your iPhone that can be optimized to improve your battery life. We wrote about the iPhone battery life suggestions here. If you look on that menu, it is possible that you will see an […]

How to View Battery Life Suggestions on an iPhone 7

There are a handful of settings on the iPhone 7 that are often recommended as good places for improving your battery life. For example, enabling the reduce motion option or turning off background app refresh can be useful. But if you have already made some of these changes and still aren’t getting the battery life […]

How Many Pokemon Have I Caught in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go tracks an impressive amount of stats as you play the game. You may have found locations such as the Pokedex that show the number of different Pokemon that you have caught and seen, but you might be curious about the total number of Pokemon that you have actually caught. This includes every single […]

How to Block In-App Purchases in Pokemon Go on an iPhone

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games available in the iPhone’s App Store, and it is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. While the game is free to download, and you can play the game entirely without spending any money at all, there is an in-app store where you can purchase¬†coins that […]

How to Put an Egg Into an Incubator in Pokemon Go on an iPhone

One element of Pokemon Go that can be exciting is the Pokestop feature. Pokestops occur throughout the real world, and spinning them can give you things like Pokeballs, potions, evolution items, and more. One item that you can receive is an egg. Eggs come in three varieties: 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km. Once […]

Where are the iPhone Roaming Settings in iOS 10?

Your iPhone can use a lot of data when it is connected to a cellular network, and that data usage can get very expensive if it occurs while you are roaming away from your carrier’s network. Therefore, if you are about to travel to a foreign country and have heard horror stories of people that […]

How to Enable Maps Extensions on an iPhone 7

Much of the utility that you can gain from installed apps on your iPhone is found when those apps start using some of the default functionality of the phone. Whether this involves using Location Services to find things that are nearby, or integrating with your Camera to take, edit, and share pictures, your phone is […]

How to Make a Square with Multiple Apps on an iPhone 7

Organizing the apps on your iPhone can eventually become a necessity if you have multiple screens that you need to swipe through to find a particular game or utility. Your iPhone places new apps in the first available space that it finds, which can make locating those apps rather tedious. One way to resolve this […]

How to Change the Default Notes Account on an iPhone 7

The Notes app on the iPhone is one of the simplest ways that you can record a thought or idea on your iPhone. However, you may have found that some of your notes are being stored in a different Notes account than you would like, and that it is difficult to find information when you […]