How to Save the Camera Mode on the iPhone 7

If you use the camera on your iPhone to take a variety of pictures and record videos, then you are likely accustomed to choosing the camera mode each time you open the app. The iPhone camera will revert to the Photo option each time the app is closed. But if you use it for a […]

How to Enable Cellular Data Usage for iTunes Videos on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone will typically prioritize a Wi-Fi network over a cellular network when both of those options are in range. This has the benefit of reducing the amount of cellular data that you use, plus a Wi-Fi connection is usually faster. But sometimes the iPhone can go a little too far in terms of limiting […]

How to Delete Recently Played Songs or Playlists from the iPhone Spotify App

The Spotify app on your iPhone has a section where it lists the songs, albums, or playlists to which you have recently listened. This is very convenient if you found a song that you liked and want to be able to listen to it again, or add it to an existing playlist. But you will […]

How to Remove the Next Up Link from the News App on the iPhone

When you are reading the News app on your iPhone, it’s pretty likely that you are going to read more than one article. And it stands to reason that the articles you read might all fall into the same category, or be about the same topic. The News app recognizes this, and can include a […]

How to Switch from LTE to 3G on an iPhone 7

When you are at a large event, you may notice that it is difficult to send text messages, make phone calls, or use data. This can occur because there is a lot of traffic on the LTE network, and that congestion is making it difficult for you to use the service. One way that you […]

How to Enable Javascript on an iPhone 7

Javascript is a type of code that is often used by websites for many of the more complex interactions or content that you see on a Web page. But Javascript can also be used maliciously or ineffectively, which can lead to a sub-par browsing experience. If you are having problems with a website, you might […]

How to Turn on High Quality Cellular Streaming for Music on an iPhone 7

Are you an audiophile who likes to listen to the highest-quality music from the services apps that you use? If you find that streaming songs through the Music app on your iPhone isn’t as good as you could hope, then you may be looking for a way to improve the streaming quality of those songs. […]

How to Lower the Ringer and Volume Alert on the iPhone 7

The volume of your phone ring and your alert notifications on your iPhone is likely something that you will adjust periodically. The ringer and alert volume can be too loud in a quiet environment, or too quiet in a loud environment. Fortunately it is not at a fixed level of volume, so you are able […]

How to Save Passwords in the Firefox App on the iPhone

The Firefox browser on your iPhone has many of the key features that you have likely become accustomed to in the desktop version. One such feature is the ability to save login information to make it easier to sign into the website where you have a user account. By storing the email/username and password combinations […]

How to Turn Off All Notifications from the Discord App on the iPhone 7

The Discord service is a great way to participate in communities that align with your interests. If there is a video game or hobby that you enjoy, and they have a Discord group that you want to follow, then you can really gain a lot from interacting with the other users in the app. But […]