How to Turn Off Live Photos on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone 7’s camera has a feature that adds a small amount of movement to a picture when you first open it. This is an interesting way to add some additional life to a picture. But you may not like this, which can lead you to look for a way to turn it off. Fortunately […]

How to Delete a Reminder from the Reminders App on an iPhone 7

Having a to-do list is a really helpful way to manage a busy schedule. When you have a lot of tasks on your mind, it’s easy to forget one of them. But putting everything on a list helps to ensure that things have a better chance of getting done. But occasionally you might put something […]

How to Turn Off the Reminder Alert Sound on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone can make a lot of different noises to let you know about things that are happening on the device. Often these sounds are distinct from one another, making it easy to tell if you have a new text message or email. One other alert that you might hear often is the alert from […]

iPhone 7 – How to Tell if Siri is Turned On

When Siri was first introduced as the voice-control feature on the iPhone, people were skeptical about how effective it would be, and the rate at which iPhone owners would adap to its use. But Siri has become more and more helpful, and can make performing certain tasks on your iPhone much simpler. If you are […]

How to Get iPhone Discord Map Links to Open in Google Maps

Discord is a really helpful app for communicating with a large group of people. You can even send Google Maps links in the various channels, then other users in the channel can click on that link to open it in Google Maps and get driving directions. It makes it very easy to share addresses and […]

How to Stop Your iPhone 7 from Asking You to Join Networks

If you have had your iPhone for some time you have probably already connected to your Wi-Fi network at home, at work, and possible at your friends and family member’s homes. But you might notice that your phone is prompting you to connect to Wi-Fi networks when you are shopping or eating at a restaurant, […]

How to Share a Pin Link in Google Maps on an iPhone 7

Have you ever needed to share your location, or any location, with someone, but doing so with a street address or cross streets wasn’t very effective? Google Maps has a helpful capability that allows you to drop a pin on a map, which is a more specific way of setting a location. One nice benefit […]

What Bluetooth Device is Connected to My iPhone 7?

There is a Bluetooth icon at the top of your iPhone screen that indicates the Bluetooth feature is currently enabled. If nothing is connected, then the Bluetooth icon should be grayed out. However, if your iPhone has a currently-active Bluetooth connection, then that icon might be solid white or solid black (depending on the color […]

How to Hide Text Message Content from the iPhone Lock Screen

Your iPhone’s text message alerts can display previews of messages that you receive. One of the options is for these previews to display on the lock screen, allowing you to see both the name of the contact sending a message, as well as a brief snippet of the message that they have sent. In the […]

How to Turn Off Contacts Found in Apps on an iPhone 7

Creating and storing contacts on your iPhone is a helpful way to get your phone to identify numbers when they call you or send you a text message. But you might not always add new contacts as soon as you have that information, so you might still be seeing a phone number instead of a […]