How to Scan QR Codes With the Camera App on Your iPhone

QR codes are a popular method for allowing people to access something on the Internet from a piece of paper, or other physical media. Typically the other available option is to put a URL in place of that QR code, but this can often be inconvenient, especially if the URL is lengthy. The QR code […]

How to Delete a Fandango Movie Ticket from an Apple Wallet

The Apple Wallet app is a convenient place to store things like movie passes and airplane tickets. If you have the Wallet enabled on the lock screen, you simply open it, find the item you need, then present it when necessary. But as you use the Wallet more and more, it will start to accumulate […]

How to Create a New Collection in iBooks on an iPhone

The iBooks app on your iPhone is more than just a place to organize eBooks that you have purchased from your device. It also lets you store PDFs, as well as some other types of files, and it can be a convenient way to put your important files in an easily-accessible location. But you may […]

How to Change Your Bitmoji Avatar on an iPhone

The Bitmoji keyboard app for your iPhone lets you send fun images to people via text message. A Bitmoji is a cartoonized version of yourself that you create through the app, then you can select one of the various images available and send it to someone in a similar fashion to how you would send […]

How to Add an Upside Down Question Mark or Exclamation Point on an iPhone 7

Has someone ever sent you an email or a text message that used a character that you didn’t know was available on the iPhone? There are a number of different ways that you can insert one of these characters into a note, text message, or email, but some of them can be added using just […]

How to Turn Off Netflix So You Don’t Use Data (iPhone)

The speed of many mobile networks is so good that it’s not too difficult for many people to stream videos from apps like YouTube or Netflix. In fact, the biggest limitation is rarely Internet speed, but rather the amount of data that this streaming can use. The Netflix app on your iPhone has two different […]

How to Request Desktop Site in Safari on an iPhone 7

The increase of mobile device usage has changed the way that people design websites. Many sites now need to offer a desktop and a mobile version of a site, as the number of visitors using each type of device has equalized and, in some cases, mobile visitors have even surpassed desktop visitors. Since mobile devices […]

How to Create a New Bookmark Folder in Safari on an iPhone 7

Bookmarks are a helpful way to save sites that you like to visit. By creating a bookmark, you make it much easier to find a site that you have browsed previously. But as you create more and more bookmarks, it can become difficult to scroll through all of them to find the one that you […]

If I Block a Number from Calling Me on My iPhone, Does it Block Text Messages, Too?

If you are receiving phone calls from someone that is harassing or spamming you, then choosing to block that number on your iPhone can be very effective. But you might be concerned that the blocked person might attempt to start sending you text messages if you have blocked their number from calling you. Fortunately when […]

What Kind of Passcode Can I Use on My iPhone 7 in iOS 11?

Your iPhone gives you several different options when it comes to entering the passcode to unlock the device. One that you might be using, the fingerprint ID, is something that is typically set up when you first got the device. You may have also created a device passcode, which can be one of several different […]