How to Stop Automatic App Install on the Apple Watch

Many of the apps on your iPhone have an Apple Watch version that you can use directly from the watch. Sometimes these¬†Watch app versions include some functionality that makes them more convenient to use than the full app on the iPhone. As you install an app on your iPhone, the corresponding Watch app will be […]

How to View Song Lyrics on an iPhone 7

There are a lot of different ways that you can use the Music app on your iPhone, and there are many features that you might not even realize were a part of the app. One of these features allows you to see the lyrics for a song. So if you have ever wondered exactly what […]

How to Make an Apple Music Playlist in the iPhone 7 Music App

The Apple Music service that is available on your iPhone give you access to a very large library of songs. These songs can be downloaded and saved to your iPhone, and you can play them in a number of different ways. One helpful tool that you can use to customize a list or group of […]

How to Reorganize the Apps on Your Apple Watch

The Home screen on the Apple Watch has some similarities to the iPhone Home screen, but it is different enough to make it unique. There are also a number of apps that will automatically be added to your Apple Watch from your iPhone, and the default location of these apps might not be ideal for […]

How to Turn Off Background App Refresh on the Apple Watch

The apps on your Apple devices are often downloading information and refreshing what you see on your screen. This feature is called “Background App Refresh” and has long been considered one of the more helpful settings to change if you were having battery life problems on your iPhone. This setting also exists on your Apple […]

How to Reset the Advertising Identifier on an iPhone 7

The apps that you use and websites that you visit on your iPhone often serve ads in an effort to supplement their revenue. Many of these ads may seem to be targeting specific activities that you are interested in, or concern products that you have recently been investigating. These sorts of ads are called “interest-based” […]

How to Disable Stand Reminders on the Apple Watch

There is a big focus on exercise, wellness, and other health-related activities on the Apple Watch. The device includes several built-in features that specifically target your health by encouraging you to move, or to minimize the toll that some common activities can have on your overall physical state. One of these features is a type […]

How to Remove the Email Signature on the Apple Watch

Apple devices are able to sync with your email account so that you can read and send emails from that device. By default, each of these devices will append a “Sent from my iPhone” signature (or whatever device the email is being sent from.) Since you are able to send emails from your Apple Watch, […]

How to Draw in a Text Message on an iPhone 7

The iOS 10 update made some significant changes to the Messages app, including the ability for you to send some additional types of messages. One of these new message types is called “Digital Touch” and allows you to create drawings and send them to your contacts. It’s a fun tool that you may find to […]

How to Password Protect Your Notes on an iPhone 7

The Notes app is a great place to keep information that you will need to reference later. But some of this information can be very sensitive, and you may not want it easily accessible to anyone that has access to your phone. Fortunately your iPhone in iOS 10 has the ability to lock notes, which […]