How to Get Rid of the Red Circle With the Number in It on an iPhone Watch App

Your iPhone and the apps installed on it have a number of different notification types that you can customize. One of these notification types is called a badge app icon, and can be used by an app to indicate a variety of different types of information. One of the ways that the Watch app uses […]

How to Get Pokemon Go Off My iPhone

Pokemon Go is a popular game for iPhone and Android mobile devices that allows you to catch Pokemon in the real world. Pokemon Go was made available in the summer of 2016, and quickly became one of the most popular mobile games available. You may find, however, that you aren’t playing the game as much […]

How to Enable Color Filters on the iPhone 7 Display

There are a lot of settings on your iPhone that you can adjust to change your experience with the device. The iOS 10 version of Apple’s operating system includes so many different options that even experienced iPhone users might not be aware of them. One such setting is called Color Filters, and it offers a […]

Why Is My iPhone 7 Showing the Wrong Time?

Your iPhone can update the time as you switch time zones, or when Daylight Savings Time occurs. Ideally this will happen automatically, ensuring that you aren’t inadvertently operating on the wrong schedule. But you may have enabled the manual mode on the iPhone’s clock, or disabled location-based time zone settings while making some other adjustment […]

How Can I See What Ringtone I’m Using on My iPhone 7?

One of the first changes that almost every new iPhone 7 owner will make to their device is setting a new ringtone. A lot of people use the same ringtones, so it’s useful to have a unique one set so that you can more easily identify your ringing phone. But if you are new to […]

Why Is There a Weird Orange Hue on My iPhone?

Does it seem like there is something wrong with the display of your iPhone, even though you haven’t dropped the device, and there doesn’t seem to be any physical damage to the screen or the rest of the phone? It’s possible that Night Shift mode is currently enabled on your iPhone. Night Shift mode is […]

How to Enable the “Reduce Motion” Option on an Apple Watch

The battery life on the Apple Watch is quite good, in comparison to your iPhone or iPad, but it will still only last a couple of days between charges. The exact length of time that the Apple Watch battery lasts will vary based on usage but, if you use your watch a lot, then you […]

How to Flag an Email on an iPhone 7

Some emails that you receive through the Mail app on your iPhone will be more important than others. If one such email contains information that you want or need to view on a regular basis, then you may be looking for a way to mark it or save it in a location that is easy […]

How to Set the Home Page in the Firefox iPhone Browser

The Safari browser on your iPhone is deeply ingrained into the functionality of your iPhone, and is generally a fast and responsive browser. But if you use a third-party browser on your laptop or desktop computer, and you have an account with the browser that allows you to sync data across devices, then you might […]

How to Send an Animated GIF in a Text Message on an iPhone 7

The Messages app received a lot of new features with the iOS 10 update, including the ability to send animated GIF files via text message or iMessage. Animated GIF files are a special type of image file that can cycle between multiple image “frames” to show movement. There is a special section in the Messages […]