If I Block Someone On My iPhone 7, Will They Be Able to Tell?

In previous articles we have discussed both how to block a caller on your iPhone, and how to view the blocked numbers on your iPhone. These are both important parts of using the call-blocking feature on your device, but they are focused primarily with your end of the call-blocking relationship. If you have blocked someone […]

How to Automatically Upload Pictures to Photo Stream on an iPhone 7

Accessing photos from other devices is a common request for iPhone owners. While you can use a service like Dropbox to sync your photos to other devices, you can also take advantage of a feature in iCloud called Photo Stream. Turning on the iCloud Photo Stream will cause your iPhone to upload all of your […]

How to Make Text Really Big on an iPhone 7

Text size on an iPhone is often a problem for iPhone users that have trouble reading small text. The default size is often too small, and showing people how to increase the text size on an iPhone is something that I have had to do several times. Our guide below will show you how to […]

How to Switch iTunes Accounts on an iPhone 7

The purchases that you make through iTunes and the App Store on your iPhone are done with the help of an iTunes account, or Apple ID. This account has a payment method associated with it, and provides access to apps, music, movies, and other purchases that you have made using that account. So if you […]

How to Install an iMessage App on an iPhone 7

The iOS 10 update for the iPhone featured a number of improvements in many of the default apps, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of that updater occurred in the Messages app. Message users on iPhones now have access to a number of different tools and features that can improve their messaging experience. Most of these […]

How to Delete a Book from iBooks on an iPhone 7

There are a number of different ways that you can save and store ebooks on your iPhone. One popular choice is the Amazon Kindle store, but another option is to use the default iBooks app on your iPhone. This provides both a means fro you to download free and purchased ebooks, as well as a […]

Why Isn’t My iPhone 7 Screen Turning Off?

Effectively using the touch ID and passcode on your iPhone is one crucial step to ensuring that the important sensitive data on your iPhone is as secure as possible. In most situations, your iPhone screen should automatically lock after a period of inactivity, then the device will require a fingerprint of password before the device […]

How to Download Free eBooks on an iPhone 7

While the Amazon Kindle store is often the first place that eBook enthusiasts will turn when looking for new books (either free or purchased), Apple has their own source for eBooks through the default iBooks app on your iPhone. They have many of the same books in their store as Amazon, but everything involving iBooks […]

How to Set a Venmo Passcode on an iPhone 7

Venmo is a convenient app that lets you send money to your friends. Whether you are using it to split a restaurant check, or you need to give someone money but don’t have cash, there are many reasons why Venmo is helpful. But the app makes it so easy to send money to people that […]

How to Turn Off iCloud Keychain on an iPhone 7

The iCloud Keychain is a feature that allows you to save passwords and credit card information to your iCloud account so that you can easily use that information on devices that are synced to iCloud. However, this can be the cause of some frustrating issues when data is saved incorrectly, or if iCloud does not […]