How to Turn Off the New Voicemail Sound on an iPhone 7

There are notification pop-ups, banners, and sounds for just about every type of new message you receive on your iPhone. Some of these notifications are more useful than others, and customizing all of them to best suit your preferences is something that will take a little while to get right. One notification sound that you […]

How to Download an Apple Watch App

After you complete the initial setup on the Apple Watch, you will find that there are some app icons that are added to the watch based on the apps that are installed on your iPhone. Many app developers include Watch versions of their apps now, and these Watch apps often include some interesting additional functionality. […]

How to Hear Descriptions of Videos on an iPhone 7

Listening to the dialogue or audio of a video clip is helpful when trying to determine what is occurring in that clip. But the voices or sounds that you hear might not always tell the complete story about what is happening in that clip. If you are unable to view the screen on your iPhone, […]

How to Turn Off Twitter Notifications on the Apple Watch

Some of the notifications that you get on your Apple Watch are great. I personally like the text message notifications and the phone call notifications, as well as some specific third-party app notifications. But there are some notifications types that I can do without, such as those from the Twitter app. Fortunately you can control […]

How to Switch Off Mobile Data Entirely on an iPhone 7

There are many ways to customize or limit the way that apps use data on your iPhone. While the methods described in that article can help to reduce mobile data usage, you might be looking for something that will shut it off completely. Fortunately this is an option available to you on your iPhone, and […]

How to Find Your Apple Watch from Your iPhone

Devices that are associated with your Apple ID can be located, and even remotely erased, with the use of a feature called “Find My iPhone.” Once you have enabled this option through your iCloud account you will be able to locate your Apple devices as long as they are currently turned on. This can be […]

How to Enable Reachability on the iPhone 7

The larger screen on the iPhone 7 Plus makes it easier to watch videos, look at pictures, and read content on your device. Many new Plus owners were initially hesitant that the device might be too big but, after using the larger screen, they discover that it has many benefits. One drawback to the larger […]

How to Install a Software Update on the Apple Watch

The operating system on your Apple Watch shares many of the features of the operating system on your iPhone. The Watch operating system occasionally receives updates to fix bugs or to add new features, and that update can be installed using the Watch app on your iPhone. Our guide below will show you where to […]

Can I Turn Off Siri On My iPhone 7?

Siri’s capabilities on your iPhone have continued to increase with each new version of the iOS operating system, and she is now able to understand a perform a large number of commands on your device. But you may not use Siri, or you might have issues getting her to understand you, and you feel that […]

How to Lock the Camera Lens When Recording Video on the iPhone 7

The camera on your iPhone 7 has two lenses that it can use to help you get the best picture possible. It can also use this dual lens system when you are recording video on the iPhone as well. But this may result in video that is different than you would like, and you might […]