How to Stop Text Message Pop Ups on the iPhone 7

The text message pop ups on the iPhone can provide a simple and effective way to let you know that you have a new text message. However, if you receive a lot of text messages, or if you don’t want your text messages to display on your lock screen, then you might be looking for […]

How to Close Tabs When You Exit Private Browsing in Firefox on an iPhone

We have recently written about how to use private browsing in the Firefox iPhone app, but one of the drawbacks to Firefox private browsing is the fact that the private tabs will remain open by default when you switch back to regular browsing. This means that anyone with access to your phone will be able […]

How to Block Cookies in Safari on an iPhone 7

Websites use cookies in a number of different ways. Some of these are beneficial, and belong to the sites that you use and trust, while¬†there are others that you might not wish to allow. Manually controlling which sites can use cookies on your iPhone can be tedious, so you might decide that you would simply […]

How to Add a New Person to Your Address Book on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone has an address book called “Contacts” where it stores information about the people and businesses that you have elected to save to your iPhone. You might already have contacts in your iPhone address book if you migrated to your iPhone from a different phone, or if you set up an email address on […]

How to Turn Off YouTube Notifications on an iPhone 7

YouTube has such a massive library of videos that it can often be difficult to find a particular channel or content creator that you like. It can be even tougher to stay aware of new content that they post, so YouTube offers a subscription option where you subscribe to a channel, and their videos become […]

How Much Data is Pokemon Go Using on My iPhone?

Curbing cellular data usage can become important if you are frequently exceeding the monthly data cap that is allotted with your cellular or mobile plan. Disabling cellular data usage for individual apps is typically one of the more efficient ways to minimize this usage, but apps like Pokemon Go, that gain most of their utility […]

How to Change the Default Search Engine in the Firefox iPhone Browser

You can initiate search engine searches in Firefox by typing a term into the address bar at the top of the screen. If you start a search this way, however, then Firefox will use the search engine that is currently the default choice. If you have not changed this setting before, then it is likely […]

How to Find Your Apple Watch Serial Number

The Apple Watch has a lot in common with the iPhone, both in the way that the apps and navigation on the devices are structured, but also in there ability to connect to different networks. You can find out a lot of important information about the iPhone on its About menu, and you can do […]

How to Change the Keyboard Order on an iPhone

The iPhone comes with a lot of keyboard options by default. You can install multiple keyboards in other languages, then you can tap on the globe or ABC icon on the keyboard to switch between those different keyboards. But it is entirely possible to have more than two keyboards on your iPhone, even if you […]

How to Create a Custom Quick Reply in the Messages App on the Apple Watch

One of the more useful features of the Apple Watch is its ability to display notifications from the apps on your phone. One type of notification that you can see is from the Messages app. You can read entire text messages directly from your watch, and even reply to them. There are a couple of […]