How to Delete a Column in Google Sheets

Deleting and editing data in a cell in Google Sheets is often as simple as clicking on a cell and typing the new information that you want to appear in that cell. While this is effective when you need to modify individual cells, however, it is less effective when you have an entire column of […]

How to Clear Formatting in Google Sheets

There is a large assortment of formatting options that you can apply to a cell in Google Sheets. Some of these formatting options are easy to find and edit, but others may be a little tougher to track down. If you discover that there is a lot of formatting options applied to a cell and […]

How to Print Gridlines in Google Sheets

Gridlines in a spreadsheet are important for providing visual representation of the boundaries of a cell. It makes it easier to tell which characters belong to which cell. And while this is important when you are editing a spreadsheet in Google Sheets on your computer, it is just as important when someone is reading the […]

How to Repeat the Top Row on Every Page in Google Sheets

Spreadsheets that span multiple printed pages are very common when you are dealing with large amounts of data. And while that data is often very important, the size of the spreadsheet can become a problem as readers will struggle to understand which columns contain which data. Fortunately there is a way to resolve this by […]

How to Delete a Row in Google Sheets

Does your Google Sheets spreadsheet have rows that you don’t need or want? Empty rows, or incorrect data, can be a problem for any spreadsheet, so you might be looking for a way to quickly delete rows that aren’t necessary. Fortunately Google sheets lets you delete rows in a manner similar to how you would […]

How to Show Formulas in Google Sheets

The beauty of formulas in spreadsheets is their ability to perform calculations for you. Often this occurs with the help of a mathematical operator in combination with a cell location. In most cases the most important part of this scenario is the value that the formula produces, but you might find yourself needing to know […]

How to Remove the Dollar Sign in Google Sheets

Properly formatting values in a spreadsheet is an important consideration in making the data easy to interpret for your readers. In the case of monetary values, using a standardized format, specifically one that will always use two decimal places, makes it easier to evaluate a lot of numerical values in a column. But the Google […]

How to Create a Named Range in Google Sheets

Formulas are a fantastic feature in spreadsheet applications that allow you to quickly perform mathematical operations on cells. the nature of these formulas even makes it so that you can change a value in one of those cells, and it will automatically update the result of the formula. Typically you need to define a range […]

How to Use Currency Formatting in Google Sheets

Proper formatting in a spreadsheet can make it much easier for your audience to interpret the data that they are looking at. When the data in a row or column is uniform, it’s easier to spot problems or errors. This is particularly useful when you have monetary values in cells, as some of the values […]

How to Remove Fill Color in Google Sheets

Fill color is a helpful tool for highlighting data in a spreadsheet. It has long been used for a number of purposes in Microsoft Excel, and the Google Sheets application continues that tradition by offering its own tool that you can use for fill color. But if you have a spreadsheet that currently contains unwanted […]