How to Convert a Google Sheets File to a PDF

Sharing a spreadsheet file, such as the ones produced by Google Sheets, will let anyone with access to the file make adjustments, provided that not cell or file protection has been enacted. If your file is finalized, or if you would prefer that people not be able to modify it, then you might be looking […]

How to Hide a Tab in Google Sheets

Worksheet tabs in spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets can be used in a variety of ways. You might have a separate tab for different reports that you create each week, or you might have a tab for values that you use in formulas in other tabs. If one of your worksheet tabs contains information that […]

How to Insert a Row in Google Sheets

Very rarely will you create a spreadsheet that doesn’t require some editing. If you need to add extra information to a spreadsheet, then often it will be possible to do so by simply adding it to the next empty row in the sheet. But occasionally the order of your data might matter, and you need […]

How to Vertically Center Cell Data in Google Sheets

The default vertical alignment for data in Google Sheets cells will place that data on the bottom of the cell. But the structure of your spreadsheet might dictate that the data be placed in the center of the cell, so you may find yourself looking for a way to vertically center data in the cells […]

How to Hide a Column in Google Sheets

Occasionally you will have a spreadsheet that becomes very large and difficult to work with. If that spreadsheet contains some information that you are no longer editing, or that you don’t need to view, then you might decide that you would like to hide the column. Hiding a column is often preferable to deleting a […]

How to Enable Iterative Calculation in Google Sheets

If you have a formula in Google Sheets that contains a circular reference, then you might have found that executing that formula can be problematic. This is due to Google Sheets default setting where iterative calculation is disabled by default. Many formulas that contain circular references often do so accidentally, and they can cause potential […]

How to Clear All Notes in Google Sheets

Sometimes the information in a cell in your spreadsheet requires some extra explanation. There are a couple of different approaches that you can use to convey that information, but one of the options in Google Sheets is to add notes to cells. These notes are then indicated by a small black triangle at the upper-right […]

How to Enable Change Notifications in Google Sheets

Do you have a spreadsheet on which you are collaborating with a team of people, and you would like to know whenever someone makes a change? If you are currently opening the sheet repeatedly throughout the day to see what is different, then you might benefit from using the notification rules in Google Sheets. These […]

How to Remove Cell Shading in Google Sheets

Cell shading is an effective way to draw attention to data in your spreadsheet without having to modify the actual data itself. But you may have a cell to which you have previously applied a fill color, only to find that the data has changes, or that the formatting of the document dictates the removal […]

How to Insert a Column in Google Sheets

When you start creating a spreadsheet from scratch, you may have a good idea what the final layout of that spreadsheet will entail. In the case of smaller and simpler sheets, there might only be a few columns of data to work with, making it unlikely that something new will arise which dictates the addition […]