How to Increase the Number of Displayed Decimal Places in Google Sheets

Cells in a spreadsheet can contain a wide variety of data types. Certain types of data are best displayed with certain formatting, so it’s possible that some of the values you currently see in your spreadsheet aren’t show exactly how you want them. Fortunately the formatting settings for your spreadsheet are something that you can […]

How to Remove Worksheet Permissions in Google Sheets

Adding permissions to a worksheet in Google Sheets is a great way to make sure that your document collaborators don’t inadvertently or intentionally change data that you don’t want them to change. But occasionally you might protect a worksheet, only to find later that someone else actually does need the ability to edit it. While […]

How to Remove Borders in Google Sheets

Borders in a spreadsheet provide an easy visual clue about where different pieces of data are separated. It makes it easier to read the information as individual units, and can help to eliminate some of the confusion that arises when you are looking at a large table of data. But occasionally you might be using […]

How to Add Borders in Google Sheets

Separating cells in a spreadsheet is often a crucial element of making sure that your data is easy to read. Without borders the data inside different cells can quickly seem to run together, making it difficult to comprehend what you are looking at. One way to improve this problem involves the use of the Borders […]

How to Add a Hyperlink in Google Sheets

Does your spreadsheet have some data that you want people to be able to click so that it will open a Web page? An effective way to handle this is with the addition of a hyperlink to the cell containing that data. Fortunately there is a quick way to add a hyperlink to a cell […]

How to Hide a Row in Google Sheets

Spreadsheets that you create in Google Sheets can serve a number of different purposes. Sometimes certain parts of a spreadsheet may not be relevant to a current task, and could serve to confuse someone that sees them. But you may need that data later, so it becomes necessary to hide the data from view without […]

How to Delete Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

Often you will need to delete the data in a spreadsheet. Whether that data is no longer relevant, or it is simply incorrect, it’s rare that a spreadsheet won’t need to be edited. But sometimes the entire structure of the sheet might need to be changed, which can leave you looking to delete rows from […]

How to Unhide the Menu in Google Sheets

The menu at the top of the window in Google Sheets contains access to many of the tools and settings that you will use to customize your spreadsheets. Above this menu is the file name, as well as options to “Star” the file, or move it to a different location within your Google Drive. The […]

How to Delete a Comment in Google Sheets

Comments are really useful when you are collaborating on a spreadsheet with a team of people. Changes to a spreadsheet can often be difficult to communicate effectively in an email or a secondary document, so the ability to indicate the cell in question and attach your comment directly to the location is very valuable. But […]

How to Use Larger Font Sizes in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Excel for many users. Most of the features that are commonly used in Excel are available in Sheets, and the ability to access your files and edit them directly from your Web browser is incredibly convenient. But the programs are not identical, and you may have noticed […]