How to Remove Apps from the Home Screen in Android Marshmallow

The Home screen on your Samsung Galaxy On5 provides a convenient place for you to store the apps that you use on a regular basis. However, there is a limited amount of space on this screen, and there may be an old app, or a default app, that is taking up precious screen real estate […]

How to Invert Colors in Android Marshmallow on a Samsung Galaxy On5

Have you ever noticed that someone else’s Android phone colors seemed to be very unusual, and wondered how they did it? While it might at first seem like a special theme or “hack” that they have performed, it is actually a setting called “Invert Colors.” The effect from inverting colors is also referred to as “x-ray” […]

How to Block a Phone Number in Android Marshmallow

Learning how to block a phone number in Android Marshmallow is crucial for anyone that is plagued by telemarketers or other sorts of undesirables. Adding a phone number to the block list will stop your phone from ringing when that number calls again in the future, which can give you some peace and quiet from […]

How to Turn Off Keypad Tones in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

There are a lot of incidental sounds that play on your Android Marshmallow phone when something happens. There is a lock sound when you turn off your screen, there are notification sounds that play when something happens in one of your apps that requires your attention, and there are even sounds that play when you […]

How to Enable TalkBack Mode on a Samsung Galaxy On5

Your Samsung Galaxy On5 has a feature called TalkBack that you can enable to have your phone read back the information that is on your screen. This can be helpful if you have difficulty reading your screen, but still need to be able to use your device. The guide below will show you how to […]

How to Turn Off Automatic App Updates on the Samsung Galaxy On5

You might discover that you want to turn off automatic app updates on your Galaxy On5 if the device happens to install an update at the wrong time, or if you were specifically avoiding an updated version of an app due to a known issue, or your preference to use a specific feature in an […]

How to Turn Off Animations in Android Marshmallow on a Galaxy On5

If your Samsung Galaxy On5 is feeling a little slow, or if it seems to be lagging when you are trying to open an app or menu, then you may think it is due to a lack of storage or memory. While that might be the case, there is another setting that might be enabled […]

How to Enable Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Samsung Galaxy On5

If you have ever tried to turn on the flashlight on your Galaxy On5, then you may have noticed that there were some additional options on that menu that slides down from the top of the screen. One of those options allows you to turn on the ultra power saving mode on your Samsung smartphone. […]

How to Enable App Installation from Outside the Google Play Store on a Samsung Galaxy On5

The default way to get new apps on your Samsung Galaxy On5 is to set up a Google Account, sign into it, then use that account to download apps from the Play Store on your device. This is great when the apps that you want to use are in the Play Store, and you can […]

How to Use the 24 Hour Clock on the Samsung Galaxy On5

Your Samsung Galaxy On5 can display the time in one of two different ways. The first option, which is the one that is probably currently enabled on your device, uses a 12 hour clock format. This means that 1:09 PM would look like this:   But your Galaxy On5 can also display the time using a […]