How to Change Your Home Page on Firefox

The Firefox Web browser has most of the same features that you will find with other advanced Web browsers, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. But each of these browsers have their own methods for configuring settings and users that are new to a particular browser will inevitably have some difficulty moving around […]

How to Exit Full Screen in Mozilla Firefox

We’ve all been in a situation with our computers where we accidentally hit a key and something changes on our screen. Sometimes it can be very easy to fix, but other times the solution for doing so might elude us. If you hit a key on your keyboard and don’t know which key it was, […]

How to Restore the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox

There’s a typical pattern concerning Web browser toolbars that you tend to see with people as they learn how to use that particular browser. At first they will be hesitant to add any new add-on, extension or toolbar to the browser, for fear that they will install something that will break their computer. But as […]

How to Show Windows and Tabs from Last Time in Firefox

Experience on a computer has probably led you to make a lot of assumptions about the way things work and, likely, you have come to accept that this is simply the status quo. One such item is the home page that is displayed whenever you open Mozilla’s Firefox browser. A lot of people never even […]

How to Back Up Your Bookmarks in Firefox

The more you use a browser, the more you come to be familiar with it and rely upon it. One thing that you might take for granted, for example, are the bookmarks that you save during your browsing activities. Since most people do not keep a secondary set of mirrored bookmarks, this information might be […]

How to Do Private Browsing in Firefox

A regular browsing session in Firefox is going to result in the accumulation of a lot of data. Depending upon the security settings that you have set, you might be recording each of the Web pages you visit, any cookies that those pages downloaded to your computer, as well as any password or form data […]

How to Display the Menu Bar in Firefox

All of the major Web browsers seem to be moving in a minimalist direction regarding the amount of information that is displayed at the top of the window. Most users want their browser to be fast over any other metric, and this often comes at the expense of a reduced top display and a limited […]

How to Stop Firefox from Asking to Remember Passwords

Mozilla Firefox, and most of the other popular Web browsers, are very focused on making their browser as easy to use as possible. This involves speeding up page load times, providing you with an assortment of options to customize your usage experience, and remembering information about sites that you visit a lot. If you visit […]

How to Choose Where My Downloads Go in Mozilla Firefox

While the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser that is included by default on your Windows 7 computer is a capable solution, many individuals have found that they prefer to use a third-party browser. Whether this is at the recommendation of a friend or simply because another browser just feels better, there is no harm in […]

Configuring Redirects in Firefox

The Firefox Web browser provides you with a lot of options to modify how you browse the Internet. Among those options is the ability to handle how redirects occur for websites that have changed the URL or Web pages that you have bookmarked, or that show up in results from search engines. While many redirects […]