How to Stop Updating Apps Over Cellular in Android Marshmallow

Managing cellular data usage is an important skill for anyone that has a monthly cellular plan with a limited amount of data. This is especially true if you have ever had to pay the overage charges associated with excessive data usage, as they can add up pretty quickly. If you feel like you have a […]

How to Manually Update an App in Android Marshmallow

App developers often need to release updates for the apps that they create. Whether it’s a popular game or a social media app, most apps either offer their users new features in their apps, or fix problems that users have been experiencing. Some phone operating systems and settings will install these updates automatically, while other […]

How to Stop Apps from Updating Automatically in Marshmallow

Over time you can easily have several dozen apps installed on your phone. Most of these apps are not anywhere near their “final” version, so you will inevitably receive updates from the developers that fix problems and add new features. Managing all of these updates can be a chore, so Android has an option in […]

How to Enable the Flash Notifications in Android Marshmallow

A loud environment can make it very difficult to hear an alert notification on your phone. Or, if you have hearing difficulties, those notifications can be difficult to hear in any environment. So if you have been looking for a way to make the alerts on your Android phone a little more noticeable visually, then […]

How to Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth Scanning for Location Accuracy in Android Marshmallow

Many of the apps and services that you use on your Android Marshmallow smartphone require some access to your location. Whether it’s a driving app that’s giving you directions or a food delivery app that needs to find nearby restaurants, certain apps simply perform better when they know where you are. Often this location information […]

How to Enable Single Tap Mode in Android Marshmallow

Due to its lack of many physical buttons, most Android smartphones rely on the use of onscreen buttons to perform actions in your apps. Some of these actions require a minimal amount of interaction, while others require some additional steps. If there are certain things on your phone that you wish were a little easier […]

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi During Sleep in Android Marshmallow

Does it seem like your battery life is being depleted very quickly, even when the phone screen is turned off? This may be partly due to the fact that the device is remaining connected to a Wi-Fi network even while it’s asleep. This functionality allows the phone to keep your data updated when you turn […]

How to Turn Off Text Message Previews in Android Marshmallow

Notifications on your phone are typically beneficial things that let you know when there is information that needs your attention. Whether it’s a new text message, email, or information from one of the other apps on your device, these notifications make it so that you don’t constantly need to check every one of the apps […]

How to Turn Off Alarms and Notifications During Calls in Android Marshmallow

The various apps on your Android Marshmallow can alert you to updates or news in a number of different ways. Whether it’s a text message, an email, or a piece of data in a third-party app that requires your attention, there are many types of notifications you can receive. But you may have found that […]

How to Use Volume Keys for Camera Zoom in Android Marshmallow

The Camera app on a smartphone is often one of the most used apps on the device. You may have even found a combination of settings that allows you to take the best quality pictures in the shortest amount of time. But if you often use the zoom function, then you may find the slider […]