Android SIM Card Out of Service? Check Your Wi-Fi Calling Setting

Is your Android Marshmallow phone telling you that you aren’t connected to your cellular provider’s network? If you’ve confirmed that your account is in good standing, that you should be in range of a cellular network, and that there is nothing physically wrong with your phone, then this can be a pretty confusing and frustrating […]

How to Stop Deleting Old Messages in Android Marshmallow

Have you ever gone to look for an old picture or text message on your Android phone, only to see that it’s gone? This can be frustrating if that message contained important information or a special picture. This automatic deletion of old messages occurs as a space-saving feature in the Android Marshmallow operating system, and […]

How to Turn Off One-handed Mode in Android Marshmallow

Your Android Marshmallow phone has a setting called One-handed mode that you can enable if you find that you are often using the device with one hand. It adjust some of the input mechanisms on the phone so that they are simpler to use when you only have one hand available. For example, it can […]

How to Enable Automatic App Updates in Android Marshmallow

The apps that you have installed on your Android Marshmallow device will eventually need to be updated. Whether this update is going to add additional features and functionality, or it is going to fix a problem that was discovered in the last version of the app, these updates are almost always a good thing. However, […]