How to Require Authentication for Google Play Purchases in Marshmallow

It can be very easy to purchase something from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. If you are the only person that ever uses the device, then that convenience might be worth the security risk of allowing purchases without any other kind of information. But if you have a small child, or live […]

How to View Wi-Fi Data Usage in Android Marshmallow

Longtime smartphone users often develop the habit of connecting to a Wi-Fi network whenever possible. A Wi-Fi network is usually faster than a cellular network, and you won’t use any of your cellular data (typically) when you are on a Wi-Fi network. But constantly being connected to Wi-Fi can make it difficult to determine how […]

How to Enable the Location Option in Android Marshmallow

Many of the services and apps on your Android phone need information about your location in order to function as intended. However, if the Location setting on your phone is turned off, then you may notice some unusual behavior from these apps or, more likely, the apps simply won’t work at all. If your phone […]

How to Enable Call Waiting in Android Marshmallow

Call waiting is something that has been around on landlines and cellular phones for many years. In fact, many younger people might not even remember a time when that wasn’t something that was around. The ability to see and even switch to another call while you are already in the middle of one is an […]

How to Change the System Font in Android Marshmallow

You may have noticed a friend or family members’ phone and sees that the font on their menus was different than the one on yours. If you liked the change, you may be wondering what they did to create that appearance, since you want to have it on your Android phone as well. Fortunately Android […]

How to Change the Message Background in Android Marshmallow

One of the biggest differences between iPhones and Android phones is the level to which you can customize your device. The different options for customization can be quite extensive, even to the point where you might not have considered that customizing a particular setting was even an option. One such setting that you can customize […]

How to Change the Screen Grid Layout in Android Marshmallow

The size of the icons on your Android Marshmallow’s Home screen may be something that you dislike. Whether you aren’t fitting enough apps on one screen, or the icons are too small for you to read easily, you might be looking for a way to make your app icons a different size. Fortunately this is […]

How to Allow Apps from Unknown Sources in Android Marshmallow

There are thousands of apps in the Google Play store, and it’s very likely that almost anything that you might want to realistically do on your phone can be done by downloading and installing one of those apps. But occasionally there may be an old version of an app, or an app that was removed […]

Android SIM Card Out of Service? Check Your Wi-Fi Calling Setting

Is your Android Marshmallow phone telling you that you aren’t connected to your cellular provider’s network? If you’ve confirmed that your account is in good standing, that you should be in range of a cellular network, and that there is nothing physically wrong with your phone, then this can be a pretty confusing and frustrating […]

How to Stop Deleting Old Messages in Android Marshmallow

Have you ever gone to look for an old picture or text message on your Android phone, only to see that it’s gone? This can be frustrating if that message contained important information or a special picture. This automatic deletion of old messages occurs as a space-saving feature in the Android Marshmallow operating system, and […]