How to Apply a Default Layout to a Slide in Google Slides

how to apply a layout in google slides

While there are a lot of different ways that you can use presentation software like Google Slides, much of the data that you are trying to present will fall into one of a number of categories. This commonality means that many slides will wind up … [Continue reading]

How to Rename an Input on a Roku TV

how to rename an input on a roku tv

When you purchase a Roku TV and start using it, the interface that you see when you turn it on is the standard Roku interface. But, for Roku TVs, there are separate channels on this screen for each of the inputs on the television. It's likely that … [Continue reading]

How to Change Rewind and Fast Forward Intervals in the iPhone Audible App

how change rewind and fast forward intervals in audible iphone app

When you are listening to an audiobook in the Audible app on your iPhone there are some controls on the screen that give you additional ways to navigate the book. Two of these controls are the rewind and fast forward buttons. When you press one of … [Continue reading]

How to Quickly Delete Multiple Items from an iPhone Wallet

how to delete items from iphone wallet

The iPhone Wallet app provides a convenient place for you to store payment information, boarding, passes, movie tickets, and more. You can even access it from your lock screen for a quick way to enter venues. But items that you have in the wallet … [Continue reading]

How to Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One With Adobe Acrobat

how to merge pdf files into one file in adobe acrobat

If you have a lot of small PDF files that are all related to one another, such as multiple orders from a vendor, or a number of different reports, then you probably know that printing and sharing them can be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately Adobe … [Continue reading]

How to Add the Magnifier to the Control Center on an iPhone 7

how add magnifier control center iphone 7

The Camera app on your iPhone includes a zoom feature that lets you take pictures of objects that are far away. You may have even used it in the past to try and get a better look at something that is difficult to see with the naked eye. But your … [Continue reading]

How Much Free Space Do I Need to Install Pokemon Go on My iPhone?

how much space do i need to install pokemon go iphone

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games that you can install on your iPhone. It lets you roam the real world in search of Pokemon, which you can catch as part of the game. Playing Pokemon Go requires you to download and install an app on your … [Continue reading]

How to Enable or Disable Camera Permissions for Pokemon Go on an iPhone

how to change pokemon go camera permissions on iphone

Some of the apps that you install on your iPhone want access to some of the other features and apps that you have installed on your device. These permissions allow those apps to use these features to provide the full functionality of which the app is … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Picture Fly in on Google Sheets

how to make picture fly in google slides

Adding movement to some of the elements in a Google Slides presentation is a good way to spice up your information. It's fairly common for slideshow presentations to be a little boring in nature, and the addition of a movement effect, such as … [Continue reading]

How to Create a Battle Party in Pokemon Go

how to create a battle party in pokemon go

The Pokemon that you catch and battle in Pokemon Go have "types" that indicate the elements that the Pokemon uses when it attacks. These types are important when you are engaging in gym battles and raids, as the effectiveness of a move will indicate … [Continue reading]