How to Add Another Column in Windows 10 File Explorer

how to add another column in windows 10 file explorer

When you open File Explorer in Windows 10 in the Details view, you see some basic information like the filename, Date modifed, and Type. For many people this is an acceptable amount of information, and they will rarely have a need to display more … [Continue reading]

How to View All Recommendations for Saving Storage Space on an iPhone

how to view storage recommendations on iphone

The 32, 64 or 128 GB of storage space that is available on a new iPhone may initially seem like a lot, but that space can dwindle quickly as you download apps, take pictures, record videos, and generally just use your iPhone in a normal … [Continue reading]

How to Add Alt Text to a Picture in Google Slides

how to add alt text to a picture in google slides

When you are making a Web page and add a picture to it, one of the values that you should define is the alt text for the image. This is the text that is displayed if the picture doesn't load properly, or if someone is using a screen reader to read … [Continue reading]

How to Shut Down Your iPhone in iOS 11

how to shut down your iphone in ios 11

Your iPhone is designed to be able to stay on for a long period of time without being restarted. But occasionally you might experience odd behavior, or wish to restart the device because it seems to be running slowly. While it has always been … [Continue reading]

How to Offload Unused Apps on an iPhone 7

how to automatically delete unused apps from iphone

It's very easy to accumulate a lot of apps on your iPhone without even realizing it. Some of those apps will get used regularly, while others may only be used a couple of times initially, then forgotten about. As you continue to download apps and … [Continue reading]

How to Disable FaceTime Live Photos on an iPhone 7

how to block facetime live photos on an iphone

The FaceTime video calling capability of your iPhone is a great way to have a video chat with someone else. The addition of video to a phone call can serve a number of different purposes, and is a great way to see someone that you may not be able to … [Continue reading]

How to Set Your TV Provider on an iPhone 7

how to set your tv provider on an iphone 7

The TV app on your iPhone provides a centralized place where you can manage and view the streaming options that you have on your device. One part of setting this up to be as effective as possible includes selecting your current TV provider. This lets … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Camera and Microphone Access in Safari on an iPhone 7

how to turn off safaris access to your camera and microphone

The apps on your iPhone generally exist separately from one another. If an app needs another app to function, such as a social media picture-sharing site that needs access to your camera, then that app will request that access when you install it, or … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Notifications on the Lock Screen on an iPhone 7

how to stop showing recent notifications iphone lock screen

The notifications that you receive from your apps are meant to let you know when there is something new in the app that requires your attention. Sometimes this may be something generic like an announcement or a nag to tell you to use the app again, … [Continue reading]

How to Disable the Option to Send Money Through Messages on an iPhone

how to disable apple pay cash on iphone

Person-to-person payment apps like Venmo have become very popular as a way to send money to friends. More and more companies are offering their own solutions for this type of service, and your iPhone using the iOS 11 operating system has one built in … [Continue reading]