How to Setup iPad Wireless Sync

how to setup ipad for wireless sync

As Apple has continued to update the iOS software as well as iTunes, they have added some exciting new features meant to improve user experience with their devices. One such feature is the ability to sync content from your iTunes library to your iPad … [Continue reading]

How to Change Page Margins in Microsoft Word 2010

how to change page margins in microsoft word 2010

Last updated: March 2, 2017 Learning how to change page margins in Word 2010 is important for anyone that is unable to work with the default settings for that property. If you have ever written a paper for a high school or college teacher, then … [Continue reading]

How to Add Music or Audio to Windows Live Movie Maker

how to add music or audio to windows live movie maker

Creating a video or slideshow with your Windows 7 computer is a process that can take a lot of directions. If you have Microsoft Powerpoint, then you may be able to just create a sequence of slides that display the images you want to show. This is a … [Continue reading]

How to Master Reset a T-Mobile G2

how to master reset a tmobile g2

As with many other electronic devices that you deal with on a regular basis, your T-Mobile G2 Android phone is essentially a computer. You can install different programs on it, you can save and create files and you can also store some very valuable, … [Continue reading]

How to Upload Folders to SkyDrive

how to upload folders to skydrive

If you have ever attempted to email a folder or upload a folder to an online storage service, then you know that it does not work. Typically, if you wanted to upload an entire folder's worth of files to a cloud storage service like SkyDrive, then you … [Continue reading]

How to Share Photos Between Android and iPad

how to share photos between android and ipad

Android devices and iOS devices both offer a ton of useful features between them, and it is very common for people to have combinations of devices that run both operating systems. However, the available methods for transferring files between an … [Continue reading]

How to Change Page Borders in Microsoft Word 2010

how to change page borders in word 2010

There are many different ways for you to improve the visual appeal of your Microsoft Word 2010 document. Improving the appearance of a document, particularly if it is a document that is meant to catch your attention, like a newsletter or a flyer, can … [Continue reading]

How to Merge Layers in Photoshop CS5

how to merge layers in photoshop cs5

The ability to separate different elements of my Photoshop CS5 designs into different layers is one of the things I like most about the program. If someone asks me to create something that includes a lot of detail, then going back and making … [Continue reading]

How Does the Nike GPS Watch Work

how does the nike gps watch work

When I first started running, all I was concerned about was losing weight and not hurting myself. However, as I ran more and more, my focus started to shift. Suddenly I was looking for ways to extend my distance, increase my speed and improve my … [Continue reading]

How to Send Pictures to Twitter from Android Cell Phone

how to send pictures to twitter from android phone

If you have recently purchased an Android cell phone, or even if you have owned one for a while, then you are probably learning just how capable the phone is of doing many different tasks. The Web browser is surprisingly useful and the variety of … [Continue reading]