How to Reset a Workspace Panel Layout in Photoshop CS5

how to reset a workspace panel layout in photoshop cs5

After you have used Adobe Photoshop CS5 for a length of time, you will have opened and closed a number of different panels. Panels are the items at the right side of the Photoshop window that can display layer information and text options, as well as … [Continue reading]

How to Check Word Count in Powerpoint 2010

how to check word count in powerpoint 2010

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 give you a lot of freedom to create the slideshow presentation that you feel is most appropriate for your audience. Whether you are creating a document for work, school or fun, you can probably find the means to customize … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Folder View in Windows 7

how to change the folder view in windows 7

There are many different ways that Windows 7 can display the files that are stored inside of the folders on your computer. Whether you want to see as many files in a folder at once, or if you want to see a large thumbnail image for each file that is … [Continue reading]

How to Change the User Name and Initials in Word 2010

how to change the user name and initials in word 2010

Documents created in Microsoft Word 2010 contain more than just the information you type into the document. Attached to each document that you create in the version of Microsoft Word 2010 on your computer are a user name and corresponding initials … [Continue reading]

How to Print Empty Cells in Excel 2010

how to print empty cells in excel 2010

While most of what you do in Microsoft Excel 2010 is meant to be viewed on a monitor, you will inevitably need to generate a document that gets printed out. Properly configuring a document for printing presents its' own set of problems but, once you … [Continue reading]

How to Do Automatic Duplexing With the HP Laserjet P2055

how to do automatic duplexing with the hp laserjet p2055

The HP Laserjet p2055dn is a very capable laser printer with an impressive set of features. It is compatible with most operating systems, and is capable of everything that you would expect from a black and white laser printer in this price range. In … [Continue reading]

How to Use Check Boxes to Select Files in Windows 7

how to use check boxes to select files in windows 7

Windows 7 has some pretty interesting ways that you can customize the files and folders that you view in Windows Explorer. Whether you want to show file extensions¬†or view files or folders that might currently be hidden, the choice for how Windows 7 … [Continue reading]

How to Remove a Hyperlink in Word 2010

how to remove all hyperlinks in word 2010 document

Last updated: January 6, 2017 You might be looking for a way to remove a hyperlink in Word if you don't like the way it makes your document look. Or maybe the hyperlink points to a page that doesn't exist anymore, or the hyperlink was created … [Continue reading]

How to Compress Audio and Video in Powerpoint 2010

how to compress video and audio in powerpoint 2010

Powerpoint 2010 presentations are often made better when you use audio or video files. However, sometimes these files are embedded in your presentation, which can make the file size very large. Large Powerpoint slideshows can be difficult to … [Continue reading]

How to Keep Leading Zeroes in Excel 2010

how to keep leading zeroes in excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 does its' best to format the data you enter into your worksheets so that it is in the format that it thinks you wants. Unfortunately its' choices are not always correct, and Excel might wind up deleting information that is … [Continue reading]