Configure iPad Dropbox App to Automatically Upload Pictures

automatically upload ipad pictures to dropbox

The best part of using a Dropbox account is the fact that you can access the files in that account from anywhere that has Internet access. You can really take advantage of that fact by immediately uploading files from your computer, phone or tablet … [Continue reading]

How to Create a Bookmark in Safari on the iPad

how to create a bookmark in safari on the ipad

It's easy to remember the URL of a website that you visit all the time, like or, but typical searching patterns will inevitably lead you to sites that you have never visited before. If you find good information on that site that … [Continue reading]

How to Compose Messages in Plain Text in Outlook 2003

compose messages in plain text in outlook 2003

If you have become used to the ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 programs, then it may take some time to get reacquainted with Office 2003. Of, if you are new to Office programs in general, then you may be wondering how to find the menus that … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Text from a Picture in Photoshop CS5

how to remove text from a picture in photoshop cs5

People love to write words or text on images, whether it is part of a meme or as a means to express something that the image does not. However, if this image is a single layer picture file like a JPEG, GIF or PNG, then you may be struggling to remove … [Continue reading]

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 13.3-Inch Ultrabook Review

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 review

There are many features that affect the performance and usability of a laptop, but perhaps none is more important than the processor. Intel's recent generation of processors are among the fastest around, and the i5 and i7 are top of the line. When … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Keyboard Sounds on Your iPad 2

how to turn off keyboard sounds on your ipad 2

The iPad brings a lot of functionality to a small device that you can easily carry around throughout your day. The screen is big enough to allow for easy viewing, but not so big that having the device around becomes cumbersome. But this portability … [Continue reading]

Fixing Small Text When Composing Emails in Outlook 2010

how to fix small text in outlook 2010

We've all been in situations where we accidentally hit a key or combination of keys on our keyboard and something drastically changed on our screen. This problem can be made even worse if you are using a laptop and accidentally rest your palm on the … [Continue reading]

Dell Inspiron i15RN5110-7126DBK 15-Inch Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron i15RN5110-7126DBK review

When checking out laptops that sell for less than $450 on Amazon, you are probably used to seeing specs similar to 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB hard drive. And while it isn't uncommon to see a machine with an Intel i3 processor in this price range, it is … [Continue reading]

Acer Aspire S3-951-6828 13.3-Inch HD Display Ultrabook Review

Acer Aspire S3-951-6828 review

With any 13.3 inch laptop computer, you are going to be getting a smaller machine that is easier to travel with. They fit better on the trays on airplanes, and their smaller size just makes them easier to carry in bags or large purses. But many … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Showing Zeroes in Cells in Excel 2010

hide zeroes in excel 2010

Formulas in Microsoft Excel 2010 are incredibly useful. You can use them to makes all sorts of calculations, and you can even copy and paste formulas into other cells, and the formulas will adjust to use values that are relative to the cell in which … [Continue reading]