Toshiba Satellite U945-S4390 14.0-Inch Ultrabook (Ice Blue with Fusion Lattice) Review

Toshiba Satellite U945-S4390 14.0-Inch Ultrabook 1

Windows 8 marks Microsoft's embrace of a truly integrated environment, as well as its' acceptance of the importance of mobile computing as we continue moving forward with our personal computer technology. This Toshiba Satellite U945-S4390 14.0-Inch … [Continue reading]

Acer Aspire V3-551-8469 15.6-Inch Laptop (Midnight Black) Review

Acer Aspire V3-551-8469 3

Most of the laptop computers on the market right now are running the Windows 8 operating system. Whatever your opinion of the operating system might be, it is the format that Windows feels will be bringing them into a technology future where all of … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Showing Message Alerts on Your iPhone 5 Lock Screen

stop showing lock screen message alerts

Text messaging is a great tool for communication, and the iPhone 5 is among that best at handling those types of messages. You can set up your phone to display your message alerts in a number of different ways, including badges and alerts. But you … [Continue reading]

How to Go To Offline Mode in Spotify on the iPhone 5

how to listen to spotify offline

Last updated: January 18, 2017 It's helpful to know how to go offline in Spotify if you are about to go on a long trip where you will be listening to music, but you want to minimize the amount of data that you use while you are listening to it. If … [Continue reading]

Dell Inspiron i15N-3091BK 15-Inch Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron i15N-3091BK

With this entry into the Windows 8 laptop market, Dell has introduced an affordable option with the features that a regular user will need to accomplish all of their daily activities. This is not a powerhouse computer that will be able to meet any … [Continue reading]

How to Customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2010

customize word quick access toolbar

Anyone that had been comfortable with the appearance and layout of Microsoft Office programs was in for a bit of a shock the first time they used Office 2007 or Office 2010. The navigational system had changed entirely, and now incorporated a … [Continue reading]

How to Show the Developer Tab in Excel 2010

default excel 2010 tab layout

Microsoft Excel 2010 uses a unique navigational structure via the various tabs displayed at the top of the window. Each tab contains a number of different tools and options that you can use to customize the look and behavior of the data you have … [Continue reading]

How to Save as a CSV in Excel 2010 By Default

open the excel 2010 options window

Excel 2010 is a very versatile program that lets you perform a number of spreadsheet-related activities. It also has the ability to convert spreadsheet documents that are not in the Excel file format, while simultaneously permitting you to save your … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Shake to Shuffle on Your iPhone 5

iphone 5 settings icon

Your iPhone 5 has a lot of cool features, many of which are enabled the first time you turn on the phone. These are intended to improve your experience with your new phone but, depending on your lifestyle and the way you use your device, they might … [Continue reading]

Don’t Show Password Hints on the MacBook Air Login Screen

macbook air system preferences

If your MacBook Air is often out of sight, or if multiple people use the computer, then you have probably set a password for your user account. When you were setting up the computer and creating the account you were prompted to create hints for your … [Continue reading]