Change the Windows 7 List Separator

change the windows 7 list separator

If you create a CSV file in Microsoft Excel 2010, the file will look different if you open it in a text editor, like Notepad, than it does when you view it in Excel. Each cell of the CSV file is separated by a comma, and the structure that you see in … [Continue reading]

How to Insert an Image Caption in Word 2010

how to insert an image caption in word 2010

Last updated: March 10, 2017 By adding a caption to a photo in Word 2010 you are able to provide your readers with additional details about a particular image, or explain why that photo is relevant to the rest of the information in your document. … [Continue reading]

How to Split Data in One Column to Two Columns in Excel 2010

how to split data in one column to two columns in excel 2010

Correctly formatted data is very important when you are trying to get information into a database, or if you are working with a formula in your Excel spreadsheet. So if you encounter a column of data in a spreadsheet that contains information that … [Continue reading]

Select a Color Range in Photoshop CS5

select a color range in photoshop cs5

There are many options available to Photoshop CS5 users when it comes to making a selection. For example, you can change the default rectangular selection to a circular one. But a lot of these options require you to manually choose the items that you … [Continue reading]

Keep Printed Documents in Your HP Laserjet CP1215 Print Queue

keep printed documents in your hp laserjet cp1215 print queue

Typically your HP Color Laserjet CP1215 printer will delete items from the print queue once they have been printed. This is the simplest way to keep your print queue from becoming full of documents, plus it allows you to easily identify any documents … [Continue reading]

Convert CSV Comma Delimited File to Pipe Delimited

convert csv comma delimited to pipe delimited

CSV files are helpful for a lot of different reasons, but mainly due to their compatibility with a lot of different types of programs. Unfortunately all CSV files are not created or formatted in the same way, so you can run into situations where a … [Continue reading]

How to Feather a Selection in Photoshop CS5

how to feather a selection in photoshop cs5

There is a lot you can do with a selection in Adobe Photoshop CS5. We have detailed ways to change the shape of the selection in the past, but you can actually modify your selection no matter what the shape is. One way to do this is by feathering a … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Drop Shadow to a Picture in Word 2010

how to add a drop shadow to a picture in word 2010

Adding an image to a Word 2010 document can make for a nice visual change from the typical black text on white background that readers are used to. Additionally, images can often provide helpful information about a topic that you may not be able to … [Continue reading]

How to Turn off Netflix Subtitles on iPad 2

how to turn off netflix subtitles on ipad 2

The Netflix app on your iPad 2 has a terrific user interface, and any setting that you would need to configure is available to you whenever you touch the screen while a movie or TV show is playing. One of the options you can set is the display of … [Continue reading]

Configure Google Chrome to Open Where You Left Off

configure google chrome to open where you left off

Most people browse the Internet using different techniques, so a certain set of browser settings will not work for everyone. Google Chrome is a browser that takes this fact into consideration, as it allows you to customize the actions and options of … [Continue reading]