Outlook 2010 – How to Empty Deleted Items on Exit Automatically

how to empty outlook 2010 deleted items on exit automatically

If you use Outlook 2010 frequently, and you receive and send a lot of messages, then your data file is going to get very large. If you take the time to investigate where most of that file size is coming from, however, you might be surprised to learn … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Link to Your Signature in Outlook 2010

how to add a link to your signature in Outlook 2010

Last updated: February 16, 2017 Learning how to add a link to your Outlook signature can provide you with some additional marketing options when you send emails. Your current signature might already include information like your phone number or … [Continue reading]

How to Shorten the Duration of Title Screens in Windows Live Movie Maker

how to shorten title screen duration in windows live movie maker

When making a video project in Windows Live Movie Maker, you can use the Title Screen tool to insert a blank, black screen. You can then use the text tool to add words to this screen, which makes it the ideal choice for a title screen. This title … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Font in Windows 7

how to delete a font in windows 7

Last updated: March 3, 2017 Learning how to delete a font in Windows 7 is an important element of managing the different font options available to you in programs like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. It is very easy to install free fonts, or … [Continue reading]

How to Show the Menu Bar in Windows 7 Explorer

how to show the menu bar in windows 7 explorer

Windows 7 brought about a lot of changes to the way that you were probably used to navigating and making changes in earlier versions of Windows. One way that this occurs, in nearly every facet of Windows 7, is through the removal of the menu bar that … [Continue reading]

How to Open Multiple Pages on Startup in Google Chrome

how to open multiple pages on startup in google chrome

Most people will eventually change the home page of their preferred browser once they grow tired of constantly navigating away from the default page enough times. It is more convenient, and it prevents you from needlessly wasting time when the … [Continue reading]

How to Reduce the Size of a JPEG File in Photoshop CS5

how to reduce the file size of a jpeg in photoshop

The ability to add layers and make high resolution images in Adobe Photoshop CS5 is great when you are designing images. If that image is then going to be printed, then you probably will not need to worry about the file size of the design that you … [Continue reading]

How to Open the Download Window In Internet Explorer 9

how to open the download folder in internet explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 has changed the way that file downloads are handled in the Internet Explorer Web browser. Downloaded files previously opened in a pop-up window where you could choose to run or save a file, with few other options for managing, … [Continue reading]

How to Edit a Screenshot in Microsoft Paint

how to edit a screenshot in microsoft paint

As people use computers with more and more frequency and become more capable with them, they start to learn new tasks. This coincides with a level of comfort and excitement when you start to realize the full capabilities of your computer, as well as … [Continue reading]

Microsoft Excel Skills to Know When Job Hunting

microsoft excel skills to know when job hunting

If you are just entering the job market, or if you are looking to make a career change, then you have probably determined that a lot of the available jobs require some kind of computer training. The actual extent of the necessary skills are going to … [Continue reading]