Clear Recent Documents in Microsoft Word 2010

clear recent documents by setting the value to 0

Last updated: December 30, 2016 You may find that you need to clear the list of recent documents in Microsoft Word 2010 if it is displaying documents that are sensitive or personal in nature, and there are other people that use your … [Continue reading]

Moving Dell Dock Icons

Completely customizing your Dell Dock by moving dell Dock icons

If you have read our other article about the Dell Dock then you know that we like this free program that comes with your new Dell computer. While it might initially seem like a tool that you will never use, the Dell Dock is more than something that … [Continue reading]

Online Photoshop Alternative

online Photoshop alternative to cartoonifying

When it comes to online Photoshop alternatives, there are not a large number of viable options to choose from. While Adobe does offer an online Photoshop alternative called Photoshop Express, it is not very comprehensive, which means that you will … [Continue reading]

DVD Backup

DVDFab for DVD backup

You probably have a lot of video on DVD discs because it is a great way to transport that information. The proliferation of software that is able to create DVD videos form your home movies has made it so that just about anyone can easily produce a … [Continue reading]

Page Borders for Microsoft Word

page borders for Microsoft Word menu

Microsoft Word is an extraordinarily popular software choice for creating documents, but it is largely used as a means for putting ink to paper to create a digital representation of the thoughts in your head. Few people give consideration to the … [Continue reading]

How to Protect Your Computer

how to protect your computer

Any computer user that is connected to the outside world needs to be conscious of the potential dangers that exist as soon as they open their network connection. The world is full of people that are trying to access your computer and steal all of … [Continue reading]

Read Receipt

Click Options tab, then check the read receipt option

As more and more important information is transmitted electronically through email, the individuals that send that email can find themselves in situations where they wonder if the email has actually been read. A read receipt can provide a means to … [Continue reading]

Dell Dock

Dell Dock add a shortcut

Love it or hate it, the Dell Dock is something that is going to be on any new computer you get from Dell. Most complaints about this little tool stem from it getting in the way when you are trying to do something on the edge of the screen where the … [Continue reading]

HP Laserjet P2035N Review

HP Laserjet P2035N Review

HP has a ton of different laser printers in their product lineup, and nearly every one of them is specifically directed at a certain type of user. This HP Laserjet P2035N review will address the HP P2035N laser printer, which seems to be designed for … [Continue reading]

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Once you have unpacked and set up your new Dell computer, you will notice that there are already a number of different programs and shortcut icons installed on the computer, including Microsoft Office Starter 2010. This is commonly referred to as … [Continue reading]