How to Do Private Browsing in Firefox

how to do private browsing in firefox

A regular browsing session in Firefox is going to result in the accumulation of a lot of data. Depending upon the security settings that you have set, you might be recording each of the Web pages you visit, any cookies that those pages downloaded to … [Continue reading]

How to Scan an Individual File with Norton 360

how to scan an individual file with Norton 360

We all want our computers to be as safe as possible, which is the reason why you have a program like Norton 360 in the first place. Norton 360 offers you active protection against potential threats, while also giving you the option of running scans … [Continue reading]

How to Convert Capital Letters to Small Letters in Word 2010

how to convert capital letters to small letters in word 2010

In an ideal world everyone would type everything with correct spelling, with correct grammar and in the correct case. Unfortunately that is not the case, so we need to employ the use of dedicated tools to correct situations where words and sentences … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Columns in Excel 2010

how to hide columns in Excel 2010

Dealing with large amounts of data in Microsoft Excel 2010 can be a bit of a headache. This is not a fault of Microsoft Excel, however. Most of the trouble lies in the size of the screen on which you are viewing the spreadsheet and the amount of data … [Continue reading]

How Do You Print Handouts in Powerpoint 2010

how do you print handouts in powerpoint 2010

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, is primarily, a tool for you to create slideshow presentations that are displayed to an audience. However, you can also create speaker notes that give you talking points for each slide, and you can even print out the … [Continue reading]

How to Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome

how to delete bookmarks on chrome

Last updated: January 25, 2017 It's very easy to find yourself with an overwhelming amount of bookmarks, which can leave you wondering how to delete bookmarks on the Chrome Web browser.¬†Bookmarks in Google Chrome are a terrific tool for keeping a … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Shortcut to the Start Menu in Windows 7

how to add a shortcut to the start menu in windows 7

One of the best parts about Windows 7 is how much you can customize it to your own preferences. Not everyone wants to have quick access to the same programs, so you can choose which programs to include in the common areas where you visit most … [Continue reading]

How to Display the Menu Bar in Firefox

how to display the menu bar in firefox

All of the major Web browsers seem to be moving in a minimalist direction regarding the amount of information that is displayed at the top of the window. Most users want their browser to be fast over any other metric, and this often comes at the … [Continue reading]

How to Show the BCC Field in Outlook 2010

how to show the bcc field in outlook 2010

There are numerous situations that you might find yourself in when you are sending an email message in Outlook 2010. If you send enough emails, however, you will encounter a message that you want to send to a number of different people, but you do … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Custom Header in Excel 2010

how to make a custom header in excel 2010

When you are dealing with large amounts of data in Microsoft Excel 2010, your printed spreadsheets can get confusing. This can be multiplied depending upon the number of spreadsheets you are working with and, if you print out the same spreadsheet on … [Continue reading]