How to Allow Pop Ups in the iPhone Firefox App

Firefox on your iPhone has a number of different features that are enabled by default, including a pop-up blocker. This blocker is intended to stop malicious advertising and other such pop-ups that negatively affect your browsing experience. But not all pop-ups are bad, and some websites will use them to give you additional pages, documents, […]

How to Allow Pop Ups in Safari on an iPhone 7

The default Safari Web browser on your iPhone has a specific set of settings configurations that are meant to reflect the behavior that the majority of users want when they browse the Internet on their smartphone. One of these settings includes the way that pop-ups are handled, and that default option is to block all […]

How to Allow Pop Ups in the Chrome iPhone App

Pop-ups have a bad reputation due to nefarious uses in the past, so many websites and content creators have stopped using them. Due to their potentially harmful nature, most Web browsers block pop-ups by default, so you need to go out of your way if you want to use a site that requires the use […]

How to Find The Wi-Fi IP Address of Your Android Marshmallow Phone

When you connect to a network, that network assigns you an IP address that identifies your device on that network. This happens on Wi-Fi networks like the one that you have in your home or at work. The IP address is information that you can see from your phone as well, if you find that […]

How to Clear Your Home Page in the Firefox iPhone App

Setting a homepage in your Web browser is helpful if you always want to visit the same site the first time you start the browser. Whether it’s a site for your hobby, your job, or simply your favorite news site, having a homepage lets you get to your favorite content faster. But your homepage needs […]

How to Create a Spotify Playlist on an iPhone 7

Playlists have been an important component of digital music for a while now, and most music apps will provide the means for you to create a playlist of your favorite songs. The Spotify music streaming service is no different, and you can have a large number of playlists on your account so that there are […]

How to Reload a Page in the Firefox iPhone App

Sometimes Web pages don’t load correctly or entirely. This can happen because a script stopped working, because a problem happened with the website itself, or because the browser was unable to fully load all of the resources that the page required. One of the first steps that you should follow to resolve issues like this […]

How to Set the Same Picture for the Home Screen and Lock Screen on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone can be customized in a number of different ways, from the ringtones and the notification sounds that you use, to the apps that you download and install. You can also change the appearance of the lock screen and the Home screen by adjusting the wallpaper that serves as the background for those locations. […]

How to Stop Updating Apps Over Cellular in Android Marshmallow

Managing cellular data usage is an important skill for anyone that has a monthly cellular plan with a limited amount of data. This is especially true if you have ever had to pay the overage charges associated with excessive data usage, as they can add up pretty quickly. If you feel like you have a […]

How to Manually Update an App in Android Marshmallow

App developers often need to release updates for the apps that they create. Whether it’s a popular game or a social media app, most apps either offer their users new features in their apps, or fix problems that users have been experiencing. Some phone operating systems and settings will install these updates automatically, while other […]