How to Get Advanced Functions on the Calculator in Android Marshmallow

If you have ever had to use the calculator on your Marshmallow phone for school, or for more advanced mathematical purposes, then the lack of buttons may have caused some problems. Perhaps you went out and bought a calculator, or maybe you downloaded a third-party app. But the calculator in Android Marshmallow actually has some […]

How to Delete a Downloaded iOS Update on an iPhone SE

The iOS updates for your iPhone typically bring new features and bug fixes that can improve your experience with the phone. These updates can be quite large, however, and your iPhone might elect to download the update to your phone before it actually installs the update. But if you find that your storage is nearly […]

How to Delete a Contact on the iPhone SE

Creating a contact on your iPhone is a very helpful way to identify phone calls, text messages, or even emails that you receive. Your iPhone is able to associate identifying information with a stored contact, and can even create communications with that contact by name if you use Siri. But you may eventually have a […]

How to Change the Sound Balance on an iPhone 7

Does the sound coming out of your iPhone sound a little off? If you are hard of hearing in one ear, or if you usually wear headphones while listening to audio on your iPhone, then it’s very possible that the sound might seem stronger on one side than the other. Luckily there is a setting […]

How to Create a New Contact on an iPhone SE

It’s a lot easier for most people to remember a name than a phone number. Over the past few years as the popularity of smartphones has increased, the need to actually remember real phone numbers has diminished significantly. Simply create a contact in your phone, enter the person’s phone number once, then you can simply […]

Why is the Text on My iPhone SE So Big?

Is it difficult to read the text on your iPhone? Often this can be due to the default text that might be a little too small for some users, but it’s also possible that the text is so large that you are constantly swiping and scrolling to read it all. This becomes especially noticeable if […]

How to Follow a Podcast in the iPhone Spotify App

Podcasts are a great source of entertainment for millions of people, and there are great podcasts available on a huge variety of topics. As podcasts have grown in popularity, their availability o n multiple platforms has also increased. You can even listen to and follow podcasts through your Spotify app. But if you are new […]

How to Rename a Playlist in Spotify on an iPhone

Giving a descriptive name to a playlist in Spotify is an oddly important element of navigating the app, especially once you have started to create a lot of playlists. Since our musical tastes will often lead to similar styles of music showing up in different playlists, it can be difficult to locate the correct one […]

Apple iPhone SE – How to Remove an Email Account

If you have multiple email accounts, then it’s pretty common to want to put all of them on your iPhone. This gives constant access to the inboxes for those accounts, which can help to ensure that you never miss an important email. But one of your accounts might receive a lot of spam, or it […]

iPhone SE – How to Disable “Press Home to Unlock”

The Touch ID feature on your iPhone SE makes it easy for you to confirm your identity to make purchases, or to unlock your device. The Touch ID unlocks the iPhone very quickly, usually faster than you would be able to enter a passcode. But if you are finding that you are having trouble performing […]