How to Edit an Alarm on the iPhone 5

Due to the fact that many people keep their iPhone 5 near them while they are asleep, and charge them in their rooms at night, it makes sense to use it as an alarm clock. This is even more helpful if you travel frequently and need to ensure that you are still waking up on […]

How to Stop Displaying a Black Box Around Icons on the iPhone 5

There are a number of different options and configurations that you can apply to your iPhone 5, but most of them do not have a drastic effect on how the iPhone behaves or how you interact with the device. But there is one setting, called VoiceOver, that change a lot about the phone. This setting […]

How to Use the iPhone 5 as a Timer

Last updated: February 14, 2017 Learning how to use the timer on the iPhone can provide you with some additional ways to use the device. A timer has a number of different applications, and the ease with which it can be used on your iPhone makes it far less tedious than physical timers that are often […]

Set Up Your Email Address on the iPhone 5

Microsoft has a new free mail option that they are offering that provides you with an email address. It is a simple, clean interface that will appeal to a number of users that are looking for a good, free email service. If you haven’t yet claimed your email address, you can do so […]

Sort Contacts By First Name on the iPhone 5

If you’ve been using smartphones for a few years, then you have probably built up a pretty large list of contacts. Whether they are complete contacts, just phone numbers, or just email addresses – that list can get pretty big. But as your number of contacts grows, it becomes more of a hassle to find […]

How to Delete a Picture on the iPhone 5

Occasionally you may take a bad picture with your iPhone, or you might take a picture that you decide you no longer want to have. In an era where we are trying to find ways to keep and backup all of our data, it can seem a little strange to want to delete something. Fortunately, […]

How to Delete a Photo Album on the iPhone 5

The images on your iPhone 5 are organized into albums. You may have created new albums on the device to simplify the process of organizing your images, or you might be using certain apps that have generated their own albums in your Photos app. But if you open the Photos app on your iPhone 5 […]

How to Bookmark in the Chrome iPhone App

While search engines make finding your favorite sites very easy, it can be cumbersome to constantly be typing a search term into a browser to reach a particular page. This is even worse on a phone, where typing is a little more difficult. But you can speed up the process of reaching a certain page […]

Eject a Disc from a SuperDrive on Your MacBook Air

The MacBook Air does not have a CD or DVD drive, a choice that was made in an effort to keep the weight of the laptop down and make it more portable. This is actually less of a problem than you might think, if this is the first time that you are encountering a computer […]

How to Save a Picture from a Website on Your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is a pretty handy device, largely because of the number of tasks you can complete that prevent you from having to be in front of a computer. But one area where people tend to forego use of their iPhones is when they need to download files from the Internet, or other wise […]