How to Use Private Browsing on the iPhone 5

Privacy is a big concern when you are using mobile devices, particularly if you share that device with another person, or someone else is constantly using your phone. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting to keep the websites that you visit a secret, the ability to use private browsing is something that many people will […]

How to Create App Folders on the iPhone 5

iPhone apps are great. They provide convenient, quick ways to access applications, websites and services that you use a lot. But, because of their usefulness, you may find that you have too many on your phone. However, you don’t want to eliminate any apps because you still use them, so you want to be able […]

How to Turn Off the iPhone 5 Lock and Unlock Sound

By default, your iPhone 5 can make a lot of noise. Most of these noises are meant to give you an audio indication that some sort of event or action has occurred but, as you become comfortable using the phone and know what actions will cause certain results, those sounds might be unnecessary. Fortunately your […]

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 camera is a very capable camera and, because of how well it integrates with the apps that you have installed on your device, you may find yourself using it a lot. But sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where you need the camera to be silent, and the shutter sound […]

How to Lower Screen Brightness on the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has a relatively long battery life but, if you are constantly playing games, listening to music or pairing Bluetooth devices, then that battery life can get shorter and shorter. Since many people are unwilling to alter the way they use their devices, one simple choice is to look for other options that […]

How to Check Data Usage on the Verizon iPhone 5

The Verizon Share Everything plan provides an interesting option for families or groups of people that want to lower the cell phone bill. You get unlimited minutes and text messages to share amongst everyone that is on the plan, but you have a limited amount of data to share between all of the devices. If […]

How to Turn Off Keyboard Clicks on the iPhone 5

One of the biggest challenges when using a touch screen keypad is getting some feedback or response to indicate that you have typed a letter. This response can be very helpful when you are typing an email or text message, and can even give you a feeling similar to the one that you would get […]

How Do I Use Facetime on My iPhone 5

One of the big selling points of the newer models of the iPhone is their ability to make video calls using an application called Facetime. This is a utility that allows iOS device owners to make video calls with the push of a button. But if you have been trying to figure out how to […]

How to Display Battery Percentage on iPhone 5

Last updated: December 14, 2016 Knowing how much battery you have left on your iPhone 5 is very important, and the default setting on the device will show the iPhone 5 battery percentage as an image. But this default icon view of the remaining battery can be a little vague. Fortunately there is a setting […]

How to Delete a Contact on the iPhone 5

Sometimes the easiest way to remember or access a phone number on your iPhone 5 is to simply save it as a new contact. Since you can store a very large number of contacts on the device, there are very few drawbacks to creating as many contacts as you want. But occasionally you may end […]