How to Stop Showing Message Alerts on Your iPhone 5 Lock Screen

Text messaging is a great tool for communication, and the iPhone 5 is among that best at handling those types of messages. You can set up your phone to display your message alerts in a number of different ways, including badges and alerts. But you can also choose whether to show your message alerts on […]

How to Go To Offline Mode in Spotify on the iPhone 5

Last updated: January 18, 2017 It’s helpful to know how to go offline in Spotify if you are about to go on a long trip where you will be listening to music, but you want to minimize the amount of data that you use while you are listening to it. If you want to listen […]

How to Turn Off Shake to Shuffle on Your iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 has a lot of cool features, many of which are enabled the first time you turn on the phone. These are intended to improve your experience with your new phone but, depending on your lifestyle and the way you use your device, they might be causing you some problems. One such option […]

How to Force Quit an App on the iPhone 5

Anyone who has ever used a desktop or laptop computer, whether it is a Mac or PC, has probably encountered a program or application that would not close, or was not functioning correctly. Windows users have the Task Manager to view and close programs, while Mac users can take advantage of the Force Quit utility. […]

How to Close Apps on the iPhone 5

The mobile iOS operating system that is on your iPhone 5 is very good at managing applications. If you are switching to the iPhone from another mobile operating system then you are probably accustomed to closing or managing the open applications on your phone in order to save battery and make your phone run faster. […]

Stop Blocking Pop Ups in the Chrome iPhone 5 App

Frequent Internet usage over a period of several years has probably led you to a point where you consider all pop up windows to be something negative. Since most of these windows are usually advertisements or some other annoyance, this association is going to be correct the majority of the time. However, certain credible sites […]

How to Turn Off Repeat Message Alerts on iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 arrives to you in a default state that Apple feels will appeal to the largest percentage of people. Unfortunately it is impossible to please everyone, so you will inevitably find something about the phone that you decide you want to adjust to suit your own preferences. In this case, you may have […]

How to Save a Picture Message to Dropbox on the iPhone 5

Since cameras on phones are becoming better and better, people are starting to use them more often and, in some cases, as their primary camera. One of the best things about using a phone camera is the ease with which you can share any images that you take. The simplest way to do this is […]

Create a Website Icon on an iPhone 5 Home Screen

As you start using your iPhone 5, you will begin to realize how easy it is to browse to and view your favorite websites. The added convenience of 4G speeds, combined with the increase in screen size and overall device speed, makes it very simple to view most websites. But if you frequently visit the […]

How to Only Use Facetime on WiFi With Your iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 has a lot of cool features and apps that allow you to stay connected in just about any way imaginable. Among these options, however, are some features that exist solely for communication between people with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, etc.). One such feature is Facetime, which allows you to use a […]