Restrict Netflix to Wi-Fi on the iPad 2

Having an iPad that can connect to cellular networks is great when you are traveling. You can access Internet resources from almost anywhere, ensuring that you are never out of reach. But you can also use features like Netflix, which can make a pretty large dent in your monthly data allotment when it is used […]

How to Email Multiple Picture from the iPad 2

Setting up an email account on your iPad 2 is a good idea not only because it allows you to read emails, but also because you can use it to send files from the device. This makes it one of the easiest ways to transfer pictures to a computer, as you can even send emails […]

How to Turn Off Lock Sounds on the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 makes a lot of sounds. Whether these sounds are meant to alert you that a new message has just been received, or to provide feedback that an action has been performed, many users find them helpful. But there are certain sounds, such as the one that plays anytime that you lock or […]

How to Change the Text Message Sound on the iPhone 5

If you are in a place where you are surrounded by a lot of other people with iPhones then it can be difficult to know which phone has actually received a text message, because a lot of people don’t change their text message sound. So if you want to be able to distinguish a sound […]

How to Use Google Cloud Print on the iPhone 5

The Google Chrome browser app on the iPhone 5 has been updated to incorporate the Google Cloud Print feature. This means that if you are signed into the Google Chrome browser on a computer and are using the same Google account on your iPhone 5, you can print from your iPhone 5 to a printer […]

How to Uninstall Netflix on the iPhone 5

Putting Netflix on your iPhone 5 is as simple as installing the app, then entering your email address and password. But if you decide to cancel your Netflix account or you don’t want your child to have their app on their iPhone, then you may find yourself wanting to uninstall the app. But if you […]

How to Find the iOS Version on Your iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 has an operating system installed on it that is called iOS. Periodically Apple will release a new version of the software that you can install to fix certain bugs and security problems that exist on the phone, or they might release a new version that offers some new features. As a result […]

How Do You Turn Off Spell Check on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 has two features that can be used to correct words that are spelled incorrectly. The first feature, auto-correction, is the more aggressive of the features. It will automatically fix words that are spelled incorrectly using a dictionary that learns from your past spelling habits. The second feature is more passive, and will […]

Set Bing as the Search Provider in Safari on the iPhone 5

Google is still the biggest name around when it comes to search engines, but Microsoft’s Bing option is gaining in popularity. Google is set as the default option in the Safari browser on your iPhone 5, so any search that you initiate from the search field in the browser will be using Google’s engine. But […]

Create a New Playlist on the iPhone 5

Playlists are a very helpful way to select the songs that you want to listen to on your iPhone 5. Especially if you have a large selection of songs on your device and don’t want to listen to songs by artist or album, and don’t want shuffle to be selecting songs you might not want […]