How to Delete TV Show Episodes from the iPad 2

The iPad 2 makes it very simple to purchase music and videos, install new apps, and take pictures. Unfortunately this also makes it easy to fill up the limited amount of space on the device. If you need to update multiple apps on your iPad and you are getting an error message that you do […]

How to Make the Camera Flash When You Receive a Text Message on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 includes some accessibility options that are meant to improve usage of the device for people with vision or hearing problems. One such way that these improvements can be implemented is through the use of a feature called LED Flash for Alerts. This setting will make the camera flash go off each time […]

How to Turn off the Camera Flash on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 camera flash is set to Auto by default. This means that the flash will go off based upon the amount of light in the image. Auto-flash is fine for many situations, but there are definitely times when you want to be able to control whether the flash goes off or not. Luckily […]

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi on the iPhone 5

Wi-Fi on your iPhone 5 is one of the most important features that you will use on the device. Connecting to Wi-Fi can typically provide you with a stronger data connection so that Web pages load faster or video streams smoother, plus it will prevent you from using the data on your cellular plan. But […]

Find Out How Fast Your Network Connection is on the iPhone 5

Download and upload speeds are popular things for Internet and cellular providers to brag about, but few people ever have a realistic idea of the real-world speeds that they are getting from their Internet connection. Luckily there is a free app in the App Store called SpeedTest that does precisely this. By downloading, installing and […]

How to Enable Picture Messaging on the iPhone 5

You may have read articles about how to send picture messages on the iPhone 5, but found that you were unable to send a message to one of your contacts. The reason that this is working for some of your contacts is because those contacts have an iOS device and, thus, iMessaging. You can tell […]

How to Record Video with the iPhone 5

The camera on the iPhone has been improving with each successive model, and you have probably even used it already to take pictures. The app is very easy to use and, once you have taken a picture on the device, it is very easy to share it through email or picture messaging. But there is […]

How to Search Email on the iPhone 5

The ability to add your email accounts to the iPhone 5 makes it even easier for you to keep in touch with all of your contacts. But the more you use your email account or, in many cases, email accounts, the more messages you will have on your device. This can make it more difficult […]

How to Zoom the iPhone 5 Camera

The screen on the iPhone 5 camera has a few icons and options that you can use, but it does not include any kind of zoom option. This may lead you to believe that you cannot zoom in or out with the iPhone 5 camera, but that function does exist on the device. So continue […]

How to Disable In-App Purchases on the iPhone 5

There are a number of different ways that you can spend money from your iPhone 5. Whether it is on a website in the Safari browser, on content in the iTunes store, or by purchasing an app in the App Store, it is becoming remarkably easy to make a purchase on your mobile device. When […]