How to Turn Off Auto Correction on the iPad 2

While typing on the iPad 2 is easier than typing on a lot of other touch screen devices, Apple still includes several features that are meant to make it even easier. Among these option is Auto Correction, which will offer a suggestion of a word that you are trying to type if the text that […]

How to Turn Off the Email Notification Sound on the iPad 2

If you haven’t changed the default notification sounds on your iPad 2, then you hear a sound whenever you receive a new email message to one of the accounts that you have configured on the device. If you receive a lot of emails, or if you have multiple accounts set up on your iPad, then […]

Send a Website Picture as a Picture Message on the iPhone 5

We have previously written about how to save a picture from a website to your iPhone 5 and how to send a picture message on the iPhone 5, but you can add another sharing option to your iPhone 5 by combining the activities. This allows you to share a picture from a website with a […]

How to Turn Off Subtitles on the iPhone 5

Watching a video with subtitles on your iPhone 5 is helpful when you are on public transportation, in a doctor’s office, or otherwise engaged in a location where it might be rude to have the volume up on your device. But they can be distracting when you are someplace where you can comfortably watch a […]

How to Delete a Station in Pandora on the iPhone 5

Pandora is a great way to easily listen to music that is similar to your favorite artists. It offers the potential to discover new artists that you might like, while providing a customized radio station. But it is easy to go overboard and create too many stations, making it difficult to find the ones that […]

How to Delete an Alarm on the iPhone 5

You can create multiple alarms on your iPhone 5, which is helpful if you don’t wake up at the same time everyday. But the ability to create so many alarms can lead to an excessive number of them being stored in your clock app, making it difficult to find the one that you need. Fortunately […]

How to Turn Off Spotify Notifications on the iPhone 5

You probably already receive a lot of notifications on your iPhone 5. Whether it is for a new email message or a text message, it is a helpful way to be informed that something requires your attention. Spotify has its’ own set of push notifications that it uses to alert you about things like new […]

How to Turn Off Auto-Capitalization on the iPhone 5

Apple tries to help you with proper spelling and sentence structure by including options like auto-correct and spell check. It also offers an auto-capitalization feature that will automatically capitalize the first letter in sentences. But this may not always be beneficial, and the process of actually stopping the capitalization can be somewhat frustrating. Luckily you […]

How to Back Up to iCloud on the iPhone 5

The usefulness of cloud storage shows itself in many ways, but perhaps one of the most helpful is through backup options. While many backup solutions to the cloud either cost money or require a bit of work to accomplish, enabling backups in iCloud is both free (provided that the backup size is under 5 GB) […]

How to Delete a Playlist on the iPhone 5

Playlists are helpful for organizing your music into groups that you can listen to without needing to skip through your entire library. But it is very easy to make too many playlists and start to forget what songs are included in each one. Sometimes the best option is to simply delete these playlists and start […]