How to Change the Locating Method in Android Marshmallow

Your Android Marshmallow phone can use a number of different tools to determine your location. By combining all of the available options that your phone offers, that location information can become quite accurate. So if you find that your phone is often wrong about your location, then you might be looking for a way to […]

How to Change Your Apple Watch Name

The electronic devices that you have which are able to communicate with networks and other devices typically have a name attached to them. This helps to identify them when you need to set up certain connections, plus it helps you to quickly identify a device in situations where you need to do so. Your Apple […]

How to Duplicate a Picture on an iPhone 7

The iPhone’s Photos app has become more and more robust over the years, and has even built up a nice suite of tools that you can use to edit your pictures. But whether you are actively trying to improve a picture, or you are trying to do something funny with it, you might be worried […]

How to Use the “Watch on TV” Option in the iPhone YouTube App

The YouTube app on your iPhone has a lot of features that you can incorporate into your life. One of these features makes it easy for you to link your YouTube app with a TV or set-top streaming device in your home. This means that if, for example, you have a Roku device hooked up […]

How to Stop Remembering the Last Used Filter on the iPhone 7 Camera

The filter options in your iPhone’s default camera app help you to add a bit of extra flair to the pictures that you take. There are several different filter options, although you might find that you tend to favor one or two over the rest of them. It’s possible for your iPhone to remember the […]

How to Take Smaller Pictures With the Android Marshmallow Camera

The pictures that you take with the camera on your Android Marshmallow phone can have a fairly high resolution. The exact resolution options will vary depending on your phone’s camera, but they are typically higher resolutions than the HD resolutions you get on a 1080p TV, and some may even be able to take pictures […]

How to Open a Private Browsing Tab in Microsoft Edge on an iPhone

Private browsing in a Web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge, means that any pages you visit won’t be added to your history, and any cookies and cache will be deleted upon exit. If you often delete your browsing history and clear private data, then private browsing will prevent the need to do […]

How to Close a Tab in Microsoft Edge on an iPhone

Much like the desktop version of Microsoft Edge, the iPhone version lets you use tabs to have multiple Web pages open at once. This makes it much easier for you to quickly switch between different Web pages at the same time. It also allows you to leave one page open and accessible while you read […]

Microsoft Edge Now Available for the iPhone

Windows users that prefer the Microsoft Edge Web browser on their desktop or laptop computer can now continue using the app on their iPhones. Microsoft has made the Edge browser available in Apple’s App Store, alongside other popular iPhone browser choices such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. If you are excited to start using Edge […]

How to Enter Power Saving Mode in Android Marshmallow

Getting more life out of a single battery charge is a struggle for many smartphone owners. The acts of simply using your phone can cause the battery to drain, and users that have their phone turned on a lot may find that they aren’t able to get through an entire day on one complete battery […]