How to Add an App to the Apple Watch Dock

There are only a couple of ways that you can interact with your Apple Watch, so it’s helpful to make those interactions as effective as they can possibly be. One method of using the Watch is to press the buttons on the side of the device. The flat button lets you interact with your dock, […]

How to Improve Audio Quality of iPhone 7 Calls

You may be wondering if there is a way to improve the audio quality of your iPhone 7 calls if you often find it difficult to hear the person on the other end of the line. While turning up the volume using the buttons on the side of the phone can be helpful, it may […]

How to Crop a Picture in iOS 10

Did you take a picture with your iPhone that was almost perfect, but there is something you need to remove from the picture? You might have done this with image editing programs like Photoshop in the past, but your iPhone actually has its own built-in editing tool that you can use to crop pictures directly […]

How to Add the Homepage Icon to the Toolbar in the Firefox iPhone App

The homepage that you use in your Web browser of choice is usually the page on the Internet that you visit the most. Whether it’s a search engine, your email account, or just your favorite website, you want to make it as easy as possible to access the content that you need the most. When […]

What Resolution Does My iPhone 7 Use to Record Video?

Your iPhone 7 can record high definition video and save it to the camera roll. Video recording is done through the Camera app, and only requires you to switch the camera mode to the Video option. But there are several different resolutions at which the iPhone can record your videos, so you might be wondering […]

How to Find Your IP Address on an iPhone 7

When your iPhone connects to a Wi-Fi network, the router that manages the Wi-Fi connection will assign an IP address to the phone. This identifies your phone on that network. While the method for assigning IP addresses on a Wi-Fi network can vary, it is common for those IP address to be similar to 192.168.1.xx, […]

How to Turn On Parental Controls for the Play Store in Android Marshmallow

The Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy On5 provides a convenient means to access apps, movies, games, and books that you can use on the device. But if you have a child with a smart phone, you might wish to restrict the types of content that they can access on their device. Fortunately you can […]

How to Stop the Apple Watch from Locking When You Take it Off

Your Apple Watch can provide access to some of the sensitive information that is stored on your phone, so it’s helpful to add a layer of security to the watch in the event that it is ever lost or stolen. One of these security measures involves locking the watch when you remove it from your […]

How to Set an Apple Watch Ahead By Five Minutes

It’s very common for people to set different times on the clocks that they use everyday. Whether that means setting the clock in your car ahead a few minutes, or setting your alarm clock ahead to help you wake up on time, there are certainly benefits to punctuality that exist because a clock time is […]

How to Answer Calls By Pressing the Home Button in Android Marshmallow

Your Galaxy On5 Android Marshmallow phone alerts you when you have an incoming call. You are able to answer that call by performing the action indicated on the screen. But, depending upon the way that you use your phone, or the situation in which you often find yourself in when you receive calls, you may […]