How to Insert a Column in Google Sheets

When you start creating a spreadsheet from scratch, you may have a good idea what the final layout of that spreadsheet will entail. In the case of smaller and simpler sheets, there might only be a few columns of data to work with, making it unlikely that something new will arise which dictates the addition […]

How to Delete Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

You may already be familiar with how to delete a row in Google Sheets, as it is a useful way to fix a problem that is very common when editing spreadsheets. While deleting a single row in this manner isn’t particularly time-consuming or inefficient, it can become so if you need to delete a lot […]

How to Increase the Font Size for an Entire Document in Google Docs

Google Docs contains many of the formatting options that are available in other word processing programs and, chances are, you may have already used a few of them in your existing document. But you may have found that a current font size is too small, or you are working on a document created by someone […]

How to Add a Second Column to a Document in Google Docs

Not every document that is created in Google Docs will require the same formatting. Some need different types of headings, or different fonts, while others will require the use of columns. Whether these columns are needed for a newsletter, or because your specific document would be improved with the additions of columns, you may be […]

How to Delete a Column in Google Sheets

Deleting and editing data in a cell in Google Sheets is often as simple as clicking on a cell and typing the new information that you want to appear in that cell. While this is effective when you need to modify individual cells, however, it is less effective when you have an entire column of […]

How to Insert a Page Count in Google Docs

Adding page numbers to your document header or footer is useful for several reasons, and having those page numbers is often a requirement for different types of institutions. Individual pages of a document can be separated from one another on occasion, so having the page numbers provides a simple way to reassemble a document. But […]

How to Disable Auto-Complete for New Contacts in Gmail

The auto-complete feature is something that many users rely upon in any email program that offers it. This auto-complete list is usually generated from your contact list, but Gmail has a feature where it will automatically add anyone that you email to this list. This is helpful if you don’t always create contacts, even for […]

How to Clear Formatting in Google Sheets

There is a large assortment of formatting options that you can apply to a cell in Google Sheets. Some of these formatting options are easy to find and edit, but others may be a little tougher to track down. If you discover that there is a lot of formatting options applied to a cell and […]

How to Add a Hyperlink in Google Docs

Documents that you create in Google Docs can serve a variety of purposes, but one common trait that they share is the desire to inform their readers about something. This can take form in a variety of ways, including the addition of resources that can provide additional information about a specific topic. One way that […]

How to Print Gridlines in Google Sheets

Gridlines in a spreadsheet are important for providing visual representation of the boundaries of a cell. It makes it easier to tell which characters belong to which cell. And while this is important when you are editing a spreadsheet in Google Sheets on your computer, it is just as important when someone is reading the […]