How to Change the Aspect Ratio in Google Slides

The slides that you create in Google Slides are designed to fit on widescreen monitors, and you may find that the default aspect ratio for your slides is 16:9. depending on how you plan to give your presentation, however, this might not be ideal. Fortunately you aren’t stuck with this aspect ratio, and you are […]

How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides

When you need to add text to one of the slides in your presentation, a text box is usually the best option. Some of the themes in Google Slides, as well as some slide templates, will even include a couple of text box es by default. However, if you have a text box in your […]

How to Quickly Capitalize Text in Google Slides

You can easily add text to any presentation in Google Slides with the help of a text box. That box can then be repositioned and resized so that it appears in the location on the slide that you desire. But, depending on the type of text that you have in that text box, you may […]

How to Apply a Theme to a Presentation in Google Slides

You can customize slideshows in Google Slides with a lot of different formatting choices. Using the tools available in the application, it is possible to apply almost any effect to your slides that you might want. But a lot of these choices may conflict with one another, making it difficult to create a template, or […]

How to Add a Border to a Picture in Google Slides

When you place a picture in a slide in Google Slides you may think that you have finished that part of your presentation. But as you go back and make adjustments and add some polish to the document, you may find that the picture seems to be missing something, or that it feels out of […]

How to View Your Presentation in Google Slides

You can spend a lot of time creating a presentation in Google Slides. Getting the right look, the right information, and the correct slide order can be a daunting task but, eventually, you will end up with a final presentation that you are excited to give. But after all of that work in creating your […]

How to Print 4 Slides Per Page in Google Slides

Creating and presenting a slideshow is often not the entire picture when you are giving a presentation. Whether it’s for school or for your job, it’s very likely that you will need to provide handouts to everyone attending the presentation, or at least a few people that will need a hard copy of the information […]

How to Switch to Compact View in Gmail

Gmail is an excellent free email service that offers almost everything that you might need from an email provider. If you are new to Gmail, however, then you may notice that there are a lot of differences between Google’s email service and the one that you are used to. Over time you may become accustomed […]

How to Only Send Gmail Vacation Responses to Contacts

Setting up a vacation or out of office reply is a necessary skill for Gmail users whose accounts are used for business. We have previously written about setting up these responses, which can automatically let the people who email you know that you won’t be reading or replying to their emails for a couple of […]

How to Stop Showing Snippets in Gmail

The emails in your Gmail inbox most likely consist of a row of information displaying the name of the sender, the subject of the email, and a small portion of that email. This combination of information provides you with a lot of information about the message that you have received. But you may dislike the […]