How to Always Show Scale in Google Maps on an iPhone

When you are using the Google Maps app on your iPhone, you can pinch the screen if you want to zoom in or out. Adjusting this zoom can dramatically change the scale of the map, so locations that seem like they might be close to one another could actually be miles apart. Fortunately there is […]

How to Delete a Site Icon from the New Tab Page in the Microsoft Edge iPhone App

While typing on a smartphone keyboard has improved by leaps and bounds since touchscreen became common on mobile devices, it’s still preferable to tap a link or a button to perform an action on your iPhone. The Microsoft Edge browser app on your iPhone includes links to a number of popular sites when you open […]

Amazon Fire Tablets on Sale for a Limited Time

Right now (for a limited time) some of Amazon’s Fire Tablets are on sale on their website. The models for sale include: The Fire 7 The Fire HD8 The Fire 7 Kids Edition Fire HD 10 These are all available for some of the lowest prices they have every been, so now is a good […]

How to Check Your Battery Health on an iPhone 7

The life of the battery on your iPhone is something that you likely worry about if you use your phone a lot. Heavy usage can make it difficult for your iPhone to make it through an entire day on a single charge, and you may have even started using something like this portable charger to […]

How to Restrict HBO Go to WiFi Only on an iPhone

Video streaming on your iPhone, such as when you are watching a movie or TV show in the HBO Go app, can use a lot of data. This is less of an issue when you are on Wi-Fi, especially if your internet service provider doesn’t have any data caps. But if you are like a […]

Can I See Which of My iPhone Apps Updated Recently?

You may notice that your iPhone often installs app updates automatically. This is typically indicated by the app icon becoming grayed out, then the icon slowly colors in as the update is downloaded and installed.  You can change a setting on your device to control whether or not app updates are install automatically. But seeing […]

How to Turn Off Autoplay in the iPhone Hulu App

Hulu has a lot of different types of videos on their platform, but I know that I personally use it mostly to stream televisions shows. They have a great selection of both new and older shows, and there is such a large library that you can almost always find something to watch. If you are […]

What are the Save Data and Maximum Data Options in the Netflix iPhone App?

Netflix is a great fit for smartphone owners. The app is easy to use, and the issue of limited storage space is of little concern, as the content is streamed over the Internet. Unfortunately all of this data streaming can be rough on your monthly cellular bill if you have a limited amount of data. […]

How to View Your History in the Edge iPhone App

If you’ve previously visited a helpful or interesting Web page, you may decide later that you want to go back to it to read more, or to reference something that you had previously seen. In instances like this, then ability to view your history in the Edge iPhone app can come in very handy. It […]

How to Set a Workout Playlist on the Apple Watch

The compatibility between the Apple Watch and your iPhone allows you to do some interesting things. One of these interactions that can be particularly useful is the ability for your watch to use the playlists that you have created on your iPhone. Particularly, this allows you to set an automatic workout playlist that will begin […]