How to Force Text to the Next Line in Google Sheets

If you type a lot of text into a cell in Google Sheets, there’s a good chance that much of it won’t be visible. While there are ways to resize columns in Google Sheets, you may not wish to make your columns any wider than they currently are. One way to make your data visible […]

How to Create a Link to a Comment in Google Slides

When you collaborate on a project in Google Slides and take advantage of the comment system, then you may find that there are a lot of comments across all of your different slides. This can make it difficult to identify a specific one that requires someone’s attention. Fortunately Google Slides offers the option of creating […]

How to Stop Converting to Fractions in Google Docs

If you’ve ever typed a common fraction into a Google Docs document, such as 1/4, then you may have noticed that Google Docs will automatically reformat that entry as a fraction with smaller text. While this is helpful when you want it to happen, it can be frustrating if you don’t want it. Fortunately this […]

How to Delete an Existing Email Filter in Gmail

Using filters in Gmail is a great way to categorize your emails automatically. It can save you some time if you used to perform those actions yourself, and it can help to keep your inbox clear of the emails that you usually receive so that you can act upon the received emails in the manner […]

How to Stop Grouping Messages by Conversation in

When you are participating in an email chain with other people, there will inevitably be a number of messages that contain bits of information that are important to the conversation. Depending on how long this conversation has been going on for, it’s possible that the individual emails in the conversation could be separated by many […]

How to Turn On or Turn Off the Focused Inbox

Managing emails can be difficult when you receive a lot of promotional and junk emails in your inbox. Many email providers are switching to an inbox management system that will automatically categorize these emails into different sections. For example, Gmail uses one that will separate emails into different tabs. takes a slightly different approach […]

How to Edit a Hyperlink in Google Docs

Google Docs gives you the ability to create hyperlinks in your documents that readers can then click to open a Web page. You can create these links manually or, depending on the settings in the application and the information that you have typed, Google Docs can even create some links automatically. But you may find […]

How to Put the Date and Time in the Header in Google Sheets

Do you print the same spreadsheet a lot, to the point where it’s becoming difficult to tell which printed copy is which? While multiple copies of a printed spreadsheet often contain different information, you may still find that you are having difficulty identifying each of them. One way to resolve this issue in Google Sheets […]

How to Get Columns of Equal Width in a Google Docs Table

When you first add a table to Google Docs, it’s possible that you will be happy with the number of columns, rows, and overall appearance of that table. But it’s just as likely that you won’t like something about the way it looks, and you end up formatting and customizing the appearance of the table […]

How to Show or Hide the Favorites Bar in Microsoft Edge

Using favorites when you browse the Internet is an effective way to make your favorites sites more accessible. There are a couple of ways that you can open a favorite site, but perhaps one of the most convenient options is via the favorites bar that you can display below the address bar in Microsoft’s Edge […]