How to Show Full Headers in AOL Mail

The emails that you view in AOL Mail contain information like your email address as the recipient, the email address of the sender, and the email addresses of anyone that was copied, or CC’d, on the email. This information is contained in a part of the message called the header, and you can view it […]

How to Hide the Reading Pane in AOL Mail

When you are viewing your AOL emails on a Web browser, you may be accustomed to seeing a short list of your messages at the top of the window then, when you click one of those messages, it is displayed in a reading pane at the bottom of the window. The location where the message […]

How to Open AOL Mail with Inbox Instead of “Today on AOL”

If you go to and click the envelope icon at the top-right of the window to get to your email, then you are probably used to seeing a page that shows a bunch of news stories. While you can navigate to your inbox a couple of ways from there, you might prefer to go […]

How to Disable Links from Unknown Senders in AOL Mail

Some of the most dangerous emails that you receive in your inbox are the random ones from people that you don’t know, or ones that use the names of your contacts, but are actually coming from a stranger who has “spoofed” their name. These emails often consist of nothing more than a link, which, if […] – How to Empty Deleted Items When Signing Out

When you delete an item from your inbox in, it gets moved to the Deleted Items folder. That item will remain in that location for a short period of time, after which it will be permanently deleted. This gives you the ability to restore a message if you decide later that you want to […]

How to Hide Sender Initials and Pictures in

When you view your emails in a Web browser, you have probably noticed a small circle to the left of the sender’s name. Sometimes that circle contains a picture, while other times it contains initials. While this additional splash of color can break up the monotony of the display, you may find it distracting […]

How to Enable Tabs in Yahoo Mail

Tabbed browsing has become a standard feature in the Web browsers that you use on your computer, and even on some of the browsers that you use on your phone. Tabbed navigation provides a convenient way to navigate between multiple files in an application, and Yahoo mail offers an option with tabs that you can […]

How to Create a New Folder in Yahoo Mail

When you start to receive a lot of emails, organizing them all can become a bit of a hassle. While Yahoo Mail’s search feature is pretty good, you can’t always rely on your memory to find the information that you need. One good way to step up your email organization is with the addition of […]

How to Turn Off Link Previews in Yahoo Mail

Adding a link to an email is a great way to let an email contact visit a Web page that is relevant to the conversation that you are having. Yahoo Mail has a feature where, after you create a link in the body of an email, a preview of the linked Web page will be […]

How to Turn Off Link Previews in

With the default settings in email, a preview of a linked Web page is shown whenever you add a hyperlink to an email that you are composing, or when you receive an email that has linked text. While this can be helpful and something that some people like to use, you might prefer to […]